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Three's Company

Three's Company

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Turning Point

Turning Point

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Feel good threesome.
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After Wil gets outed in his small, homophobic southern town, his "boyfriend" breaks up with him and his restaurant is doing poorly. His long-planed vacation to the keys comes up and he decides to just go alone.
In the gay-friendly resort he meet the chatty bartender Adam and manager Simon, an established couple who offer him a spot in their bed, first for a night and then for the whole vacation. But as the three spent most of their days together, not just with sex, but also talking, running, having fun, it seems they can't quite keep those pesky feelings at bay.

I Loved it. It's a cute, romantic, angst-free polyamorous love triangle. Ok, it's about a white unicorn, three people falling equally in love with each other, but essentially that's the kind of romance I want to read: improbably unrealistic, idealized, perfect romance that still feels realistic.

And the book really delivers on that. The characters are well sketched out but very different. Adam is very jokey, spontaneous, and really charming, Simon is steadfast, decisive and rather serious, while Wil is intense, warm and a bit more shy than the others. The sex is very well written, too, really hot, and there's quite a lot of it, but there are also just a lot of romantic or cuddly scenes and plot. It's not just PWP.

It's just a real feel good book. Barely any drama (and that's always cleared up very soon), no angst, just lots of happy people having fun and happy sex.


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