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  • Nice, but not one of Walkers best books

    Blind Faith (Blind Faith Series Book 1)


    22. February 2018 um 20:34 Rezension zu "Blind Faith (Blind Faith Series Book 1)" von N.R. Walker

    Starting as the new veterinarian in an animal hospital, Carter gets to know the withdrawn, moody Isaac and his guide dog Brady. Carter and Isaac gravitate to each other fairly quickly, but Isaac has trouble to rely on his dog or show him any affection.It's not one of Walker's strongest books, I thought. Carter is a bit too perfect but I liked him and I even liked Isaac's pride and occasional grumpiness but I thought the book could use a bit more passion and intensity. The relationship felt rather muted and a bit one-sided. Carter ...

  • Decent, but a bit inconsistent

    Learning to Feel


    06. February 2018 um 17:29 Rezension zu "Learning to Feel" von N.R. Walker

    Nathan is unhappy at his job as a Doctor in Boston. He just works all the time, has no hobbies and no interest in sex. When he sees an open position for a small town hospital, he decides a change of scenery might be in order.His new job comes with a house, and in that house he finds the wandering painter and handyman Trent who's fixing it up. The attraction is immediate, and Nathan is overwhelmed with the new situation, but also determined to go with it and allow himself to feel for the first time.Huh, a N.R. Walker story I did ...

  • Gratuitous fun with lots of sex and plenty feelz.

    Sixty Five Hours by N.R. Walker (2015-09-01)


    30. January 2018 um 18:09 Rezension zu "Sixty Five Hours by N.R. Walker (2015-09-01)" von N.R. Walker

    Cameron and Lucas work at a big advertisement agency. They don't get along all that great until their boss (and Cameron's dad) sets them onto a pitch for a potential client. Just one weekend to pull something together for a condom and lube producer. Cameron starts to thaw and sparks start flying, but there's still work to be done. This was awesome, I loved it. To think this was just fanfiction? I've read serious novels worse than this. A lot worse.Granted, most of it is just gratuitous fun, but that's what I want when I read ...

  • Falling in love

    Imago (Imago, Book One)


    29. January 2018 um 13:55 Rezension zu "Imago (Imago, Book One)" von N.R. Walker

    Smart and nerdy lepidopterist Lawson finds himself in a small town in Tasmania looking for a new, undocumented species of butterfly for an old professor. He meets the local wildlife officer Jack, who helps Lawson out of a bind and the two hit it off.The main characters are really well written. Especially Lawson is really cute. He dresses a bit old-fashioned with bow ties and suspenders and talks very correctly, even a bit posh, but he's also a bit shy and blushed a lot. He can also be rather direct and a bit brusque, though, and ...

  • Punkte-Challenge zum SUB-Abbau 2018

    Bücher sind treu


    zu Buchtitel "Bücher sind treu" von Nikolaus Heidelbach

    Punkte-Challenge zum SUB-Abbau 2018 Achtung - es handelt sich nicht um eine Leserunde sondern eine Challenge zum SUB-Abbau!!! Es werden keine Bücher verlost. Ich habe es nur als Leserunde erstellt, damit das Ganze etwas übersichtlicher wird.Da sich ja einige gewünscht haben, dass die Challenge auch in 2018 weiter geht, habe ich einen neuen Beitrag dazu erstellt. Die Regeln sollen so einfach wie möglich bleiben - es soll ja auch Spaß machen und nicht in Stress ausarten.Es wird jeden Monat ein anderes Motto geben. Für die zum ...

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  • Cute, happy, romantic read, with a pacing issue.

    The Spencer Cohen Series Book One (Volume 1)


    29. December 2017 um 22:52 Rezension zu "The Spencer Cohen Series Book One (Volume 1)" von N.R. Walker

    Spencer Cohen is a boyfriend for hire, he helps people get their exes back by making them jealous. But then he get's hired by Andrews sister to get his ex-fiance back, who just up and left for no reason a month ago. But it's just not the same as always, because Spencer and Andrew click just right and they spent a lot more time together than the whole "Getting his ex back" business would warrant.Well, this is certainly all kinds of gushy, mushy warm feels. I adore Andrew but he's a bit too perfect really (but I love that the ...

  • Adorable, emotional, well done.

    His Grandfather's Watch


    28. December 2017 um 10:31 Rezension zu "His Grandfather's Watch" von N.R. Walker

    After his father dies unexpectedly, Callum finds a pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather. He takes it into an antiques shop to find out more about the piece, since he know it was very important to his grandfather. There the owner's son Alex helps him figure out the meaning of the watch, going so far as to visit Callums grandmother with him, so he doesn't have to do it alone.This is a really adorable, emotional short. It made me wish the author had done a full novel instead.The thing is, we're just getting the beginning of ...

  • Einfach nur niedlich und witzig

    A Very Henry Christmas: The Weight Of It All 1.5


    27. December 2017 um 16:54 Rezension zu "A Very Henry Christmas: The Weight Of It All 1.5" von N.R. Walker

    Das erste Weihnachten nachdem Henry und Rees sich verlobt haben ist für Henry etwas besonderes. Er hat alle Freunde eingeladen, ein 3-gäniges Menü geplant und mehr geschmückt als die meisten Kaufhäuser. Entsprechend gestresst ist er am morgen, als Anika nicht antwortet, bis Rees ihn etwas ablenkt.Es ist eine niedliche, witzige Kurzgeschichte, in der wir zum ersten Mal auch die innere Stimme von Rees zu hören bekommen. Es gibt witzige T-Shirt-Sprüche, viel Geheul, Sexy-Times und Romantik an der Grenze zur Übersüßung.

  • So cute.

    The Weight Of It All


    26. December 2017 um 13:59 Rezension zu "The Weight Of It All" von N.R. Walker

    Henry's boyfriend of 8 years breaks up with him, because he's apparently "fat and old" even though he's just 35. Dejected he decides to hit the gym, to at least lose some of that extra weight.Enter Rees. Hes a personal trainer at the gym, fit, buff and drop dead gorgeous. Soon they are texting, talking recipes and meeting up for outings to the farmers market.But even though the exercise and dieting show results, Henry just can't believe that a stunning guy like Rees might ever be interested in frumpy, boring him.Ok, this is just ...

  • Another one of N.R. Walkers best books

    The Weight Of It All


    24. November 2016 um 09:54 Rezension zu "The Weight Of It All" von N.R. Walker

    This book was the reason for me making another month's worth of suscription. N. R. Walker, whom I already adore for writing, landed another good one. Here goes something brave, self-conscious and encouraging to everybody out there who isn't perfect- and I happen to believe that includes most of us. This is a love story with just the right amounts of humour and seriousness. It also shows what those ideals society forms are worth. Alltogether, that makes it highly enjoyable and in the end, all smiles.Thanks N. R. Walker.

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