The Weight Of It All

von N.R. Walker 
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The Weight Of It All
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This is a really cute, funny, fluffy, supportive book. Adorable couple, fun banter. It's pro getting fit and healthy, but not judgy at all.

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Inhaltsangabe zu "The Weight Of It All"

After being dumped by his long-term boyfriend for being overweight, Henry Beckett decides to make some drastic changes. In a vain attempt at getting his boyfriend back, Henry does the most absurdly frightening thing he can think of. He joins a gym. Reed Henske is a personal trainer who isn’t sure he’ll ever be ready to date again. He’s sick of guys who are only interested in the perfect body image, never seeing him for who he really is. As Reed tortures Henry with things like diet and exercise, Henry enamours Reed with recipes and laughter. As the friendship lines start to blur, Henry is convinced there’s no way Thor-like Reed could ever be interested in a guy like him. Reed just has to convince Henry that life isn’t about reaching your ideal bodyweight. It’s about finding your perfect counterweight.


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    Sakukos avatar
    Sakukovor 10 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: This is a really cute, funny, fluffy, supportive book. Adorable couple, fun banter. It's pro getting fit and healthy, but not judgy at all.
    So cute.

    Henry's boyfriend of 8 years breaks up with him, because he's apparently "fat and old" even though he's just 35. Dejected he decides to hit the gym, to at least lose some of that extra weight.
    Enter Rees. Hes a personal trainer at the gym, fit, buff and drop dead gorgeous. Soon they are texting, talking recipes and meeting up for outings to the farmers market.
    But even though the exercise and dieting show results, Henry just can't believe that a stunning guy like Rees might ever be interested in frumpy, boring him.

    Ok, this is just about the cutest book ever. *swoon* It just feels so very believable.

    I adore Henry, I love his humor and no-filter commentary, even if he's a bit whingy in the beginning. I'm like that too, so I can relate. But he gets left by his boyfriend and instead of sitting at home depressed he's doing something. And regardless of how much he complains, he sticks to it.

    Reed, well, he's just prefect. A bit too good to be true, actually, but it's a romance after all. He's fit, buff, friendly, approachable, understanding, supporting, all the 9 yards. And he wants someone who sees that he's more than a good-looking dude in a gorgeous body.

    I really liked the slow burn, how they first connected just as friends, talking recipes and food, spending more and more time together outside the gym. There's preciously little drama. Well, Henry has one freak out, but he does go back and apologies the next day. The whole book is just really warm, fluffy and supportive.

    All the gym stuff is well researched and makes sense, too, which I find important for things that interest me. It doesn't make loosing weight or getting fit sound easy and it doesn't gloss over that it's hard, but it shows how fun and rewarding it can be.

    Makarias avatar
    Makariavor 2 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: :)
    Another one of N.R. Walkers best books

    This book was the reason for me making another month's worth of suscription. N. R. Walker, whom I already adore for writing, landed another good one. Here goes something brave, self-conscious and encouraging to everybody out there who isn't perfect- and I happen to believe that includes most of us. This is a love story with just the right amounts of humour and seriousness. It also shows what those ideals society forms are worth. Alltogether, that makes it highly enjoyable and in the end, all smiles.
    Thanks N. R. Walker.

    pengiberlins avatar
    pengiberlinvor 2 Monaten

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