Pirates in the Library

von Nadia Ali 
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Pirates in the Library
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Prepare to set sail for the adventure of a lifetime as the fierce Captain Jake discovers a treasure map that leads him and his pirate crew (and parrot, too) right to the…library. Ms. Benitez, the librarian, welcomes the pirates to the library-as long as they behave!-and the search is on for the treasure promised to be hidden within the library. It’s not too long before all the pirates (and the parrot, too) are captivated by the jewels they find on the bookshelves. Now the dilemma is how to get all the newfound treasure back to the pirate ship? Readers will be eager to set course for their own libraries after following Captain Jake through his library adventure. The map of the Dread Pirate Dewey decorates the end papers leading library users through the Dewey Decimal system making this book a valuable learning tool for parents, teachers, and librarians.


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    misspidervor 2 Jahren
    Lovely illustrations

    This was a humorous little story about some pirates finding a treasure map leading them to a library, where the treasure are the books. While the pirate concept was great and the illustrations will certainly appeal to very young readers, the story was just so-so. There were some clever details, like the 'no squawking' sign which was funny, or the repetition of 'the captain, his crew and the parrot too', which always appeals to little children. But at the end, the story-telling felt uninspired and I wondered if this could have worked just as well (or better) as a pure picture book without words.

    At the end a listing of the Dewey system is added, but I wonder who is the target group for that? Surely not the little toddlers who will be delighted by the colorful pictures and the very simple story?! So what about the Moms (or Dads) who will most likely read those stories? I guess they could gain some knowledge from the list, but will it help them in the children's section of the library? I don't think so - the system doesn't even have an entry for children's literature, much less any subcategories for children's literature, such as picture books, first readers, non-fiction, or subjects like adventure, friendship, animals an so on.

    Conclusion: the book has beautiful pictures with funny details to explore, but could do without the text. However, as the target group can't read by themselves yet, it is easy to completely omit or at least pep up the written story.


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