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Betrayed: Prequel to Unhinged

Betrayed: Prequel to Unhinged

Erschienen am 17.09.2017

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Rezension zu "Unhinged" von Natasha Knight

Good story :)
pieggyvor einem Jahr

3,25 Stars

This book is written from the point of views of the both main characters Eve and Zach. At the beginning it is placed in Denver but the story will end in Beirut where their story began (See Prequel to Unhinged).

The book is about revenge, loss, trust, love, hate, betrayal, fear and secrets. It´s also about an insane person, murder and the fight for life and death.

Two survivors who beat death even though they weren´t supposed to, live now under different names. While one tries to live as "normal" as possible, the other is looking for revenge and answers. And that´s a dangerous combination when one needs the other to get what is needed.
The more answers and secrets are revealed the more both find themselves in the same position- as targets of the real enemy. But why them?
And the more time they spent with each other and the more they start to trust each other again, the more old feelings resurface.
Death and threats follow them everywhere. To end it all it has to end with him. Fighting and killing isn´t easy though when family is involved and when "friends" become enemies.

What happened? What answers are needed? What kind of secrets are there? Will Zach and Eve be able to trust one another again? Will they fall for each other again? What happens when dead men show up alive? Who is the enemy? Will they be able to fight? Who will die?

Read and find out :P

My Opinion:

The book was good. Liked the writing style and the characters as well. Kept me on my toes a tiny bit. Love it when I´m not able to figure out where the story goes. Not much was pretictable. Really enjoyed it about this book. It could have been a bit longer, though. Everything happened quite fast. Some scenes could have been a bit more detailed and maybe could have been a bit darker. Would have loved to have read more about Zach and Eve in the Epilogue as well. Somehow I´d also liked to know more about Eve´s brothers and about what happened and why it happened.

As I already mentioned- I liked the characters. Especially Zach. Loved how torn he was about Eve and how clever he was. Loved how he was strong, confident, dangerous,smart and bad, but also how he cared. He had a sweet side to him as well that showed after a while and the more he was with Eve.

I wonder what would have happened if Eve would have gotten pregnant....
Spoiler Start: ... Malik was about family. Eve became a part of it through her niece. So what would have happened if she would have gotten pregnant by Zach? He´d be family then too...Spoiler End

Malik- not sure what to think of him. He was the bad guy but there wasn´t much info to him and he didn´t talk much as well. There wasn´t a chance to figure him really out or to really hate him.

I don´t think you necessarily need to read the Prequel to Unhinged. The Prequel has some background info and scenes that happened 2 years before Unhinged starts. But I guess you don´t necessarily need those infos.

Also-As this book is part of a series: It can be read as a standalone. I haven´t read the other books about Zachs brothers. There was nothing that confused me or had me question anything. I´m curious about the brothers now, though. There was just one scene in Unhinged I´m not sure about. Zach talked about his brothers and their wives and families. That could be seen as a spoiler when they hadn´t had wives and kids at the beginning of their books. It´s fine, though. :)

All in all: A book I enjoyed reading :)

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Rezension zu "Betrayed: Prequel to Unhinged" von Natasha Knight

Good Prequel
pieggyvor einem Jahr

Well... I won´t summarize this book as it is a very short read and every word I´d write might spoil anything.

It was the first book I read by Natasha Knight and even though I´m not a fan of short reads this was good- especially for a Prequel.

I liked the writing style. The characters were fine too. Didn´t know what to expect of this story but now I´m curious and can´t wait to read Unhinged. The Prequel def. was good for building questions, for making me wanting to know more and finding out what´s going to happen next.

The book ended in a cliffhanger but I suppose that was clear from the start (I mean why else should there be and should it be called a Prequel ;) ).

I just saw that this is part of a series (The Amado Brothers). I haven´t read any other book in this series yet and do not know about anyone or anything. I hope this won´t be a problem as Unhinged will be my next read. At least I had no problem with Betrayed. Didn´t feel like I was missing something and I also wasn´t confused by anything.

So all in all- a good Prequel


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