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A crime that never should have happened.
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„Beyond evil“ is the account of the Soham murders. The murders of the two ten year old girls Jessica Chapman and Molly Wells.

The Autor, Nathan Yates, is a journalist, who covered the case as a reporter for the Daily Mirror from the day the girls went missing throughout the search and finally the trial of the murderer Ian Huntley and his fiance Maxine Carr.

Just a few days before their arrest, Yates even interviewed Carr in their home, where Huntley killed both Jessica and Molly, and listened to her lies and faked sorrow.

Based on in-depth research and in detail „Beyond evil“ sheds light on the lives of both, the killer and his later girlfriend Maxine Carr, who alibied him for the murders, knowing exactly what he had done (and denying the knowledge to this day) but protecting him and the live she hoped for at all costs.

The book paints a picture of a paedophile and rapist who managed to escape justice for more than 10 years by lying and maniuplating not only the girls and women he made his victims, but the system as well. It shows, how devious and methotically Huntley tried to get rid of any evidence that would link him to the crime and to hide what he had done.

Is there something like „born evil“? In this case, I tend to say yes, there is. To this day, he shows no remorse or regret other than he got caught and convicted.
I’m absolutely sure, if this man really had gotten away with it, he’d have killed again. It’s like Jessicas father said: „I think he was a time bomb waiting to go off…“

I don’t know if there is a hell, but if so, I really hope this guy will rot there until the end of days and beyond.


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