Chronicling the Golden Age of Astronomy

Chronicling the Golden Age of Astronomy
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Das neue Buch von Neil English erscheint am 23. Dezember 2018 mit dem Titel "Chronicling the Golden Age of Astronomy" als Taschenbuch bei Springer International Publishing.

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Authors English and Nanson survey the explosion of astronomy after the telescope arrived on the scene, covering not just well-known figures such as Galileo and Hershel but also a raft of supporting characters. Each of them played important roles in constructing the foundation of the noble science of astronomy as we recognize it today – and all of them employed the tools of visual astronomy to achieve their goals.
The first telescopes were inevitably crude devices, but that did not deter their enthusiastic use and their potential to revolutionize humankind’s visual reach ever further into the heavens. As optical improvements began to take place, they created an insatiable desire for further improvements. And as the telescope improved, so too did the skills and talents of the first people to utilize them. Who these men and women were, the difficult conditions in which they frequently labored, and the many surprising – indeed, given the nature of their equipment, often amazing – discoveries they made, is the subject matter of this book. It’s a fascinating allegory of dedication, insight, intuition, and perseverance, all of which were fueled by an unquenchable thirst to understand both the logic and the cycles of the heavens.

From the first day humankind cast its collective gaze into the dark sky above, a never-ending fascination with the Moon and stars has been a defining characteristic of our species. Curiosity concerning the mysterious events and objects in the night sky led to constant speculation and conjecture, resulting in a diverse collection of myths and theories that became deeply woven into the fabric of our many cultures.


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