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Inhaltsangabe zu „Sandman“ von Neil Gaiman

An edition of "New York Times" best-selling author's 9th Volume of "The Sandman". It brings readers the penultimate chapter to the critically acclaimed series.
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    16. November 2012 um 15:09

    It is the first Sandman series in which the Endless play the main role. Delirium, Dreams sister, longs for her brother Destruction, who has left the family of the Endless 300 years ago - no one knows where he is. After Desire and Despair refused helping delirium in her search, she turns to Dream, who will surprisingly stand by her. However due to selfish reasons: Just left from his beloved, he is hoping to think of other things and maybe, in secrete, to meet her once again ... I have to admit, that this Sandman series left me behind with mixed feelings. On the one hand it is a story that is unique to sense and serious thoughts about the uniqueness and finality of life in this form, on the other hand there are so many references to previous volumes, that I am constantly asked myself, what was happening before, who are these persons, don’t I know them, etc. Unfortunately, between my readings of each book there are longer periods and not all is still present, so I think my reading experience was significantly diminished. Otherwise, the drawings are awesome as always, with some of them are almost be described as paintings. All in all, great reading material, but if possible, just read it in conjunction with the preceding books. And I, I have to read it again ;-)

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    Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzer

    22. August 2009 um 10:52

    Hier erfährt man endlich mehr über The Endless, speziell über Dreams Schwester Delirium, was diesen siebten Band zu einem weiteren Highlight der Sandman-Serie macht.

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