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Good story with a few funny elements :)
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3,25 Stars

This was my first Nelle L´Amour book and I enjoyed it :)

It´s about Drake, a womanizer and soon-to- be CEO of a very successful Animiation company his father owns. But his womanizing ways have to stop as his dad wants to sell the business and wants to retire. And the new buyer wants Drake to be the man this kind of business needs- a family man. A man who settles down with a wife and kids and not a man who has a different woman all the time and would make the newspapers headlines that would affect the company. But Drake can´t stand kids and even though his parents had the "perfect" marriage, he never planned on getting married. That is until he meets his new Temp.

Dee is a single mother and just moved to LA to leave the bad and the past behind. Her main focus is on her daughter and to get them through she starts to work as the Temp for Drake Hansen before she will start teaching art at a school. She just didn´t think her new boss would be so attractive ...and interested in her. It didn´t take them long to get close to one another but she couldn´t let him get too close. Doubts are eating at her. How could she ever be enough? How could he want her with all the baggage, her past and her husband? Pushing him away isn´t easy though if feelings are involved and because he´s just too perfect. He is not only good to her but also to her daughter who fell in love with him too. And this is a problem, right? Because in the end at least one of them will get hurt.

Will Drake change and become the man his dad wants him to be? Will Drake finally settle down? Will Dee get over her fears? Will Drake and Dee fall in love and have a happy end? What happenes when the past catches up to them? What happenes when Drakes past mistakes turn out to be the best thing he´s ever done? And who threatens Dee and her daughter? Who will die?

Read and find out ;)

My Opinion:

It was a nice story. To be honest I expected sth different but it still was good :)

I liked the characters. Especially Tyson. She was so cute :) Loved her with her cape and I also love her nickname -Mighty Girl :)

Some scenes were quite funny. I had to laugh and grin sometimes. The scene at the beginning with the kid and then when Dee tried to help Drake... just lol. It was a great start into the book.

Loved how Drake, Dee and Tyson connected. What they did and how Drake cared about those two and fell in love with both even though he never wanted to.

There were a couple of scenes that weren´t logical to me, though. For example the timing. When Dee started working for Drake... the book said his former assistant is gone for 3 weeks. But Dee worked longer than 3 weeks for him. Also when Dee was attacked, she got hit but they acted liked nothing really happened afterwards. She didn´t even show any signs of being attacked. And I still don´t understand why they didn´t call the police and reported it. They didn´t seem much in shock and Dee was always about Tysons safety but wouldn´t call the cops and get a restraining order? So weird.

There was a scene with Gunther- the buyer. He said something with Fräulein. I´m German and it was so weird reading that. Here in Germany no one really uses this word anymore. It´s old fashioned. Even the older generation is barely saying it anymore. And if it is used, it´s more like to teach a young woman a lesson. It would be like: Young miss, you do no such thing! ...Or something like that. If I think about it, we wouldn´t even mention the gender. No Fräulein, no Mädchen, no Dame. Except when you´re introduced. Like: "Das ist meine Frau Maria" (This is my wife Maria- first name) or "Darf ich Ihnen Frau Müller vorstellen?" ( May I introduce you to Miss/Mrs Müller? - last name). Frau here being the key word... But I didn´t let it affect my rating :)

I didn´t like how Dee lied to her daughter about her dad. I´d be so mad if my mom would have lied about sth that important to me. I´d wanna know about my dad no matter if he was good or bad. No one should lie about death or even make fun of it. It´s a bad thing to do and it would affect the relationship to the mom if the truth will come out and it will eventually. ...Good for Tyson that she finally met her real dad.

I loved everything about the art and animation business. I´m a huge Disney fan and also love Pixar, Dreamworks and co. And as someone working in a creative field- this was a plus point :D

Everything was predictable. There were no surprises for me here. :/

I loved the ending and I really loved Tysons POV at the end and the -20 years later- part was so awesome. It was so funny that Tysons ends up with him. :D

All in all a good book I enjoyed reading :)


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