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Cover des Buches Check, Please!: # Hockey (ISBN: 9781250177964)

Check, Please!: # Hockey

Erschienen am 01.09.2018
Cover des Buches Ukazu, N: Check, Please! Book 2 (ISBN: 9781250179500)

Ukazu, N: Check, Please! Book 2

Erschienen am 07.04.2020

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Cover des Buches Check, Please!: # Hockey (ISBN: 9781250177964)jasebous avatar

Rezension zu "Check, Please!: # Hockey" von Ngozi Ukazu

Herzerwärmend süß und lustig
jasebouvor 7 Monaten

Actual Rating 4.5 🌟

Oh mein Gott! Ich hab's so geliebt 😍 ich musste oft lachen über Bitty und seine Art, aber genauso oft musste ich über die anderen Jungs im Team schmunzeln. Das Ende hat richtig Schmetterlinge bei mir im Bauch erzeugt 😭

Cover des Buches Check, Please!: # Hockey (ISBN: 9781250177964)MerleRedbirds avatar

Rezension zu "Check, Please!: # Hockey" von Ngozi Ukazu

Sweet Graphic Novel
MerleRedbirdvor 8 Monaten

If I would try to describe this book with "three" words, it would be Heartstopper (Alice Oseman), Ice Hockey and Baking.

-Heartstopper: Like Heartstopper, Check, Please! is a graphic novel/webcomic. You can either read it on a website called checkpleasecomic, or buy the actual book. I read the web version, which included little animated sequences which I loved! It's also in color, and I love the style of the drawings.

Another similarity to Heartstopper is a gay romance (even though that's not the main focus in the first book/the first two years).

-Ice Hockey: all main characters are on the main Ice Hockey team, and this comic focuses a lot on the games and training, too. So that should be a topic you are interested in. However you don't need to know all of the "slang", there are some explanations about certain hockey vocabulary that are provided by two characters (it's an in-story explanation, if that makes sense?)

-Baking. One main character bakes a lot, and makes some baking jokes.

As for the type of story (with it being a graphic novel), I'd say it's quite similar to Heartstopper. But looking at the content, it's really different and shouldn't be compared!

The main characters are called Jack and Eric. They are both out and proud (compared to Heartstopper, where they aren't sure yet about their sexuality). Like I said, it focused a lot on college and hockey, too.

I really enjoyed the story and I loved the drawings. But I was missing the connection between some chapters. It's not a completely linear story, it's kind of like diary entries? So some parts are told in flashbacks, or there are big time jumps without any heads up.

That's why I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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