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    The Troop


    26. August 2015 um 10:19

    A lot of things have already been said about this book, especially comparisons to the work of Stephen King. As a King fan, I recognized several similarities in composition and style, which can be considered two ways: either criticize the author for 'borrowing' or relish the use of those ingredients that make a good story. For me, I decided to do the latter, and therefore I had a hell of a good time reading 'The Troop'. The group of teenagers reminded me strongly of several titles by not only, but mainly King, where the leading characters are also young people. I like stories like that, where a certain factor of familiarity, yet at the same time unpredictable behavior and special cruelty is involved that misses that gets lots with growing age. While the graphic description of the infection's symptoms and development were gross (not that I want to complain) the chapter with the highest factor of creepiness was the protocol of the chimpanzee experiment. As it came relatively early in the book, nothing after that could shock me anymore. Thus, it was relatively easy to concentrate on the character building, which is the strongest skill of the author. The bully (who gets what he deserves), the nerdy guy, the strange one with secrets - though there are stereotypes, the boys of the troop are still unique in their own way, and they all felt uncannily close. While my own personal hero did not survive, I understand that he would have been a too obvious choice, therefore I was satisfied with the actual ending. Highly recommended.

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