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  • Alluring Indulgence #5.

    Ethan (Alluring Indulgence Book 5)


    13. September 2018 um 11:48 Rezension zu "Ethan (Alluring Indulgence Book 5)" von Nicole Edwards

    “I know exactly what I want. And you’d be smart to give in because I can tell you, I don’t have any intentions on giving up.” Ethan is the fifth installment in Nicole Edwards’ Alluring Indulgence series. Twenty-eight year old Ethan Walker is the brother who holds himself apart from his family despite of his love for them. He is definitely more elusive than his brothers and does not publicly exhibit his sexuality like the Walker men are prone to do. He is more comfortable leading a more simplistic and low-key life and does not ...

  • Alluring Indulgence #4.

    Holidays with the Walker Brothers (Alluring Indulgence Book 4)


    26. February 2018 um 21:02 Rezension zu "Holidays with the Walker Brothers (Alluring Indulgence Book 4)" von Nicole Edwards

    "Just remember, when you're tired of the games, I'll still be here. Because no matter what you think, there is something here. And you won't be able to stop thinking about it anymore than I will." Holidays with the Walker Brothers was the fourth book in the Alluring Indulgence series by Nicole Edwards. The book opens with Thanksgiving and moves the reader through the Holiday season with the Walker Family. 1 book, 7 brothers, 2 parents, 1 cousin, 4 significant others, 3 holidays. ALL FEATURED in no particular order, but the whole ...

  • Alluring Indulgence #3.

    Travis (Alluring Indulgence Book 3)


    13. January 2018 um 14:45 Rezension zu "Travis (Alluring Indulgence Book 3)" von Nicole Edwards

    “I love you Travis. I've loved you since the day I met you. It killed me that you walked away, but it was the right thing to do. We weren't ready. We weren't ready because we weren't complete. We needed to wait for Gage to find us.” Travis by Nicole Edwards is the third book in this author's Alluring Indulgence series. Travis Walker is the oldest of the seven brothers of the Walker clan. He is intriguing, quiet, broody and exudes a confidence and authority. As the man at the forefront of Walker Construction and the Alluring ...

  • Alluring Indulgence #2.

    Zane (Alluring Indulgence Book 2)


    23. December 2017 um 13:47 Rezension zu "Zane (Alluring Indulgence Book 2)" von Nicole Edwards

    “I love you.” It was like all other words had vanished from his vocabulary. He only knew those three, and he would have to repeat them over and over until she believed him." Zane picks up right where Kaleb, the first book in the series, leaves off. Zane is in the hospital after he was brutally beaten by the Jake Saunders and his friends. After a long month in a coma and two more months in the hospital recovering, Zane is finally released. Zane has not seen Vanessa since the attack. She stayed by his side when he was in a coma but ...

  • Alluring Indulgence #1.

    Kaleb: An Alluring Indulgence Novel (Volume 1)


    01. December 2017 um 22:34 Rezension zu "Kaleb: An Alluring Indulgence Novel (Volume 1)" von Nicole Edwards

    “It seems like I’ve waited my whole life for you to do that.” Kaleb is the first book in Nicole Edwards' Alluring Indulgence series and I gotta say that I really enjoyed this one. Kaleb and Zoey have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They have been there for one another even though they lost touch a little bit while Zoey was married to her first husband. Now Zoey and Kaleb find themselves seeing each other in a way that they have not succumbed to in the past despite the risk their friendship faces if things go ...

  • A love that lasts a lifetime.

    Curtis: Volume 1 (Coyote Ridge)


    18. April 2017 um 17:20 Rezension zu "Curtis: Volume 1 (Coyote Ridge)" von Nicole Edwards

    "I’ve always believed for every person there was only one love that would last a lifetime. I never understood quite what it meant until I met you though. You’re it for me, Lorrie. You are my love that lasts a lifetime."Tenderly sweet story of innocence and true love.I love romance that stands the test of time.I have to say this is my first Nicole Edwards book but won't be my last.Curtis and Lorrie knew each other from young children and formally met when he was 17 and she was 14. Ulterior motives and circumstance brought them ...

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