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I really liked the premise of the book, especially because we have a married couple here. I often struggle with books where the couple is already together, but here the author built up everything really well. In flashbacks we get to know how the two met and how their relationship grew.

I enjoyed the story's progress, although there is quite a lot eye-roll-material and it didn't blow me away completely. It was almost impossible for me to put the book down, I was addicted to the story and literally flying through it.

I really liked Dean, just not when he switched into the Neanderthal-modus, that was really annoying at times. Most of the times he is a sweet and caring guy.
Liv was quite a handful at times and I had a hard time understanding her decisions and accusations.
What I didn't like about both of them was the serious lying. There were quite heavy lies between them which resulted in them struggling in their relationship.

The writing style as well as the steamy scenes were enjoyable to read and I have already started reading the second book.


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