Nora Roberts Rising Tides: Number 2 in series (Chesapeake Bay)


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Ethan Quinn shared his late father's passion for the ocean, and he is determined to make the family boat-building business a success. But he is also facing the most important challenges of his life... There is his younger brother Seth, who needs him more than ever. And there is Grace, the woman he has always loved but never believed he could have. Beneath Ethan's seemingly still waters lies a dark and painful past. He must learn to see beyond the shadows and accept who he is. Because through Ethan's past lies the future- and his one chance at happiness... Other books in this series are SEA SWEPT and INNER HARBOUR. And find out what happens to the nowe grown-up Seth in CHESAPEAKE BLUE.
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    Rising Tides: Number 2 in series (Chesapeake Bay)


    04. April 2017 um 20:47

    Rising Tides is the 2nd book in the Chesapeake Bay saga . Each book focuses on one of the 4 brothers adopted by Ray and Stella Quinn. Each of the boys had a horrible childhood until they were taken in by the Quinns. This time story focus is on Ethan. Contrary to his brother Cam, he likes to think things thoroughly before making his moves. He is extremely patient and his self-control kind of scary. Grace is a young single mother and is a family friend of Quinns for years. She is working hard to built her baby girl a beautiful future. Grace and Ethan have known each other since childhood. Each one has loved the other for as long as they can remember. The problem is Ethan believes he’s too damaged for someone as Grace.  This book might not have been my favorite, but it was a great read .

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