Norbert Voss 13 Sensual Confessions - Selection 1: Tales About Males


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Inhaltsangabe zu „13 Sensual Confessions - Selection 1: Tales About Males“ von Norbert Voss

Number of pages: Approx. 138 in A5 format Number of illustrations: 9, full color, in A5 format FOR WOMEN - MEN WELCOME 'Tales About Males' presents two Muses, Krisi, and Tatia. In these six chapters, the way the Muses approach their males couldn’t be more different! Krisi, the cunning, and Tatia the stunning. The men in these two stories? Henrik the desirable and Jenya the reliable! ‘13 Sensual Confessions' is a collection of largely romantic, yet highly erotic, stories with substantive truths blended in. The confessions are entirely reality-based. Dubbed ‘Muses' close dialogue with delightfully real women revealed such confidential secrets, they simply had to be recorded, and above all, revealed. Under a veil of secrecy, of course, intimate cooperation between us was achieved. Tales of passionate love are the result. Stories that are magically punctuated by the tastefully relevant, colorful drawings of a world renowned artist. These highlights of Hardy Laddey verily inseminate the seductively steamy episodes. They are breathtaking and punctuate the verses perfectly. SAMPLE CHAPTER [...] He looked at her in the mirror and she at him. She smiled. Then, she closed her eyes and her head fell back. Her soft cheek slid against his rugged cheek. It had grown stubble and felt rough and manly. It aroused her even more! Her moans, previously punctuated by Jenya’s stabs, had morphed into one, long, enduring groan. Tatia lost control. Flames of immeasurable intensity engulfed her. She screamed, elated by her pleasure. She quivered. Wave after wave of voltaic excitement jolted her. Every wave that vibrated through her body threatened her ability to stay standing. [...] CONTENTS - STORIES The Seventh Woman Becoming the Seventh Woman Being the Seventh Woman The Art of Dining: Rituals The Art of Dining: Lunch with a Stranger The Art of Dining: Dinner with a Friend

Ein tolles Buch insbesondere für Frauen - konnte es kaum aus den Händen legen.

— ReginaM
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  • Knisternde Erotik, insbesondere für Frauen, kombiniert mit erotischer Kunst

    13 Sensual Confessions - Selection 1: Tales About Males


    15. June 2016 um 21:38

    Norbert Voss schafft er es, mit viel viel Feingefühl die eigenen Fantasien in abwechselnder und bunter Form zu beflügeln. Das Buch ist Teil der Serie "13 Sensual Confessions" und ist in englischer Sprache geschrieben. 6 Kapital voller leidenschaftlicher Liebesgeschichten, die Lust auf mehr machen. Die Geschichten werden begleitet von künstlerischen Illustrationen von Hardy Laddey, die die Fantasien harmonisch und ästhetisch visuell unterstreichen.   

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