Norbert Voss 13 Sensual Confessions - Selection 2: The Ode of Aria


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Inhaltsangabe zu „13 Sensual Confessions - Selection 2: The Ode of Aria“ von Norbert Voss

Number of pages: Approx. 134 in A5 format Number of illustrations: 8, full color in A5 format FOR WOMEN - MEN ARE WELCOME ‘Ode of Aria’ This Selection presents one Muse, but oh what a Muse she is! Aria in the Forest is a four chapter story that conjures the magic of the deep woods and brings the elements to life! Do you believe in the supernatural? ‘13 Sensual Confessions’ is a collection of largely romantic, yet highly erotic, stories with substantive truths blended in. The confessions are entirely reality-based. Dubbed ‘Muses’, close dialogue with delightfully real women revealed such confidential secrets, they simply had to be recorded, and above all, revealed. Under a veil of secrecy, of course, intimate cooperation between us was achieved. Tales of passionate love are the result. Stories that are magically punctuated by the tastefully relevant, colorful drawings of a world renowned artist. These highlights of Hardy Laddey verily inseminate the seductively steamy episodes. They are breathtaking and punctuate the verses perfectly. SAMPLE CHAPTER: [...] She began dreaming of roaming the forest; she envisaged herself as wandering amongst the trees, and then floating from flower to flower. She had depicted herself in her mind as a mythical creature, a fairy of sorts, complete with wings and pointy ears. Only, she wasn’t a tiny impish being; indeed, she was of fully grown human stature. And, though she physically resembled what might frequently be perceived to be angelic, she had humbly omitted the loftiness associated with angels from her fantasy self. She did, however, keep the features of her curvaceous, womanly figure intact in her fantasy, but she had removed the sleek and slightly ragged silvery dress in which she was originally clothed. And, of course, she kept her beautiful, long, flowing blonde mane. [...] CONTENTS - STORIES: - Aria in the Forest – The OSO - Aria in the Forest – The Intern - Aria in the Forest - The Pupils - Aria in the Forest – E.C. Activities

Auch die Selektion 2 ist sehr gut gelungen.

— ReginaM
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  • Die Fortsetzung knisternder Erotik, insbesondere für Frauen, kombiniert mit erotischer Kunst

    13 Sensual Confessions - Selection 2: The Ode of Aria


    15. June 2016 um 22:23

    Norbert Voss schafft es, auch in dieser 2. Selektion wieder, mit sehr viel Fingerspitzengefühl die eigenen Fantasien in abwechselnder und bunter Form zu beflügeln. Das Buch ist Teil der Serie "13 Sensual Confessions", in englischer Sprache erschienen und erneut mit wohl dosierten prickelnden Höhepunkten versehen. Liebevoll und mit sehr detailliert Beschreibungen führt der Autor den Leser fast umbemerkt in eine Traumwelt, in der man, gemeinsam mit der Muse Aria, beginnt, an das Übernatürliche zu glauben.

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