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Cute, but not very geeky.
Sakukovor einem Jahr

Max and Steff met and bonded over playing an MMORPG, but as they meet in real life for the first time they both find out that the person they played with is in fact a guy, not a girl. Max is a bit staggered, since he pretty much had a crush on Steff before he knew it was a guy.

It's a cute story, I just hoped the gaming would play a bigger part. Those two got to know each other playing an MMO, but besides two short scenes in the game, we don't really see them interact in there. I would have liked some talk while playing, more chatting, anything a bit more nerdy, I guess.

I did like the MCs, but they life a bit in a bubble. There are some friends, but they aren't around all that much, and I felt the characters where as a whole a bit one-dimensional. Still sympathetic, but I like more depth, more layers to my characters.

The romance was pretty slow-burn and I had a problem with keeping trace of time passing.It starts in summer and goes on till early winter. Sometimes the book skips a few weeks and it always feels like nothing really happened at all in that time.
I didn't really connect all that well with the characters, especially during romantic moments. It seemed to me they avoided talking about those subjects as best as they could and substituted innuendo and flirting for a real heart-to-heart talk. Those only seemed to happen off-screen, which was a little weird.

It's still a warm, cute read, but to me it lacked some emotional depth


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