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    The Haunting of Sunshine Girl


    23. March 2015 um 23:31

    "Go back to sleep. I promise this place won't seem so creepy in the morning." It's difficult to talk about "The Haunting of Sunshine Girl" and not get too excited or carried away. I know, because this is my 3rd rewrite of this review. The other two were really just me repeating "this book is so awesome" over and over again. "The Haunting of Sunshine Girl" is not just the story of an adorkable girl and her haunted house, as the mysterious blurb on some sites (*goodreads*) wants you to believe. "It's impossible to feel homesick with the familiar weight of the book in my hands." Sunshine is a unique character in a book like this, definitely one of my new top favourites (the character and the book). Despite being "the chosen one", she is not overly brave, not ridiculously confident, does not just take the sword and fights the dragon (metaphorically speaking, this book does not actually contain dragons!). She is a relatable, you-and-me type of character, who is thrown into unknown territory and is scared (understandably so). "You sure you feel safe being left all alone in a haunted house?" I love that the haunting isn't just your usual ghost/demon/exorcism kind of thing. A lot of new paranormal elements are introduced bit by bit (I really want to talk about this more, but it might spoil you). They are definitely a major reason why you will keep turning the pages, I just wanted to know more about it all. Btw. you should already try practicing to say "luiseach", it took me a few pages to figure it out, and I'm already looking forward to what the German translation will make of it. ;) "A child's laugh has never sounded quite so scary." But I was not just interested, I was really creeped out by "The Haunting of Sunshine Girl". Most of the things that I believed only worked in horror movies (psychological horror, things that go bump in the night, "showing" demonic possession) were so well done in this book. It's almost like I have been looking for this forever: a YA horror book that actually "works", without (too much) blood, without the plot being too ridiculous, or flat characters, or, or, or… "If it seems like I'm over-using the word creepy, it's not because I don't have access to a thesaurus like everyone else with a smartphone, it's because there is simply no other word that will do." I had so many "bad" experiences with YA horror, that I just can't not love Sunshine Girl for all that it is doing right. The great characters (all of them, really), Paige's voice, the plot and the new-ish lore (luiseaches and stuff), no forced love story, and ghosts who are treated like people too. People with backstories, motivation et all… (I love, love, love the board game thing…) As soon as my physical copy arrives, I am going to reread this, and wait impatiently for the 2nd book in the series. If you, like me, are looking for a creppy YA read, then go for Sunshine Girl! It will not disappoint, I can't recommend it enough!

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