Hunting Ground

von Patricia Briggs 
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Hunting Ground
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4,4 Sterne
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    Rinnerls avatar
    Rinnerlvor 4 Jahren
    Well done!

    Bran Cornick, the Marrock, leader of all the north american werewolves, plans to bring his wolves out into the public. Science, forensics and modern intelligence are the reasons that staying undetected becomes more and more difficult. A controlled, staged coming out seems to be the best way to deal with the situation.

    Not everyone is happy with this plan, especially the european wolves not under Brans control and/or protection are worried about the consequences.
    A conference is held in Seattle to address the issues the foreign wolves might have and find a solution everyone can live with.

    Bran sends his son and enforcer Charles and his wife Anna to Seattle to be his spokesperson.

    Old and new enemys confined in one place – even as big as Seattle – things are bound to get rough, even more so with dozens of wolves involved. Some of them, like Jean Chastel – the beast of Gévaudan – would like nothing better than to see Brans plans fail for no other reason than personal dislike.

    A bunch of Vampires make a nuisance of themselves by trying to kidnap Anna and hurting the second in command of the Seattle Emerald Pack in the process.

    The question is why? What would the vampires want with an omega wolf who is also the Marrocks daughter-in-law?

    Vampire mercenaries, foreign werewolves and a Gray Lord, each and everyone of them with their own agenda.

    Charles has more than his hands full with the task his father gave him and the need to keep his mate safe at all cost.

    I really couldn’t find any fault here.

    Another entertaining novel.
    I’m inclined to say, I like Patrica Briggs „Alpha and Omega“ series a tad better than the Mercy Thompsons.
    Maybe because I really like Annas and Charles dynamic and their relationship.
    Most of all, I really love Bran and I wish there was a series about him :)

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    Senhinavor 3 Jahren
    Anarias avatar
    Anariavor 3 Jahren
    thorstenpankninvor 4 Jahren
    ChristineBlackthorns avatar
    ChristineBlackthornvor 4 Jahren

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