Iron Kissed

von Patricia Briggs 
4,7 Sterne bei17 Bewertungen
Iron Kissed
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Iron Kissed"

When her former boss and mentor is arrested for murder and left to rot behind bars by his own kind, it's up to shapeshifting car mechanic Mercy Thompson to clear his name, whether he wants her to or not. And she'll have to choose between the two werewolves in her life-whether she wants to or not.


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4,7 Sterne
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    Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 2 Jahren
    Iron Kissed

    Achtung, 3. Teil einer Reihe

    Wie fast schon erwartet geht es nun im dritten Teil der Mercy Thompson Reihe um die Fae. Und wieder ist Mercy jemandem einen Gefallen schuldig und gerät dadurch in eine schwierige Situation!

    Diesmal ist es Zee, der den Gefallen einfordert und sie bittet, mit ihrem überdurchschnittlichen Koyotengeruchssinn bei ungeklärten Mordfällen im Reservat der Fae zu helfen. Mercy findet auch einen Verdächtigen, doch als Zee zusammen mit Onkel Mike (auch Fae und Besitzer einen Kneipe) diesen zur Rede stellen wollen, ist der Verdächtige selbst schon ermordet worden. Die Polizei trifft unmittelbar danach am Tatort ein und verhaftet Zee wegen Tatverdachts. Da die Fae ihn lieber opfern wollen, als die Aufmerksamkeit der Menschen noch mehr auf sich zu ziehen, bleibt es mal wieder an Mercy hängen, ihrem Freund zu helfen und den Fall zu lösen. Was sie nicht gerade beliebter bei den Fae macht, die es nicht mögen, wenn man sich in ihre Angelegenheiten einmischt…

    Was soll ich sagen – ich bin begeistert! Patricia Briggs hält auch im dritten Teil, was die ersten beiden Bücher versprochen haben. Mercys Welt wird immer klarer, man steckt mittendrin und fühlt sich schon völlig zu Hause (wenn ich anfange zu lesen kommt es mir vor, als würde ich auf alte Freunde und Bekannte treffen!). Die Handlung ist wieder unglaublich mitreißend und oft auch extrem überraschend und nicht vorhersehbar. Und so mancher Schock steht einem bevor, aber ich will natürlich nicht zuviel verraten.

    Fazit: ich kann es gar nicht erwarten weiterzulesen und werde sofort mit dem 4. Teil beginnen!

    Rinnerls avatar
    Rinnerlvor 4 Jahren
    #3 Mercy Thompson Series - Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

    That chinese curse/blessing: „May you live in interesting times.“ applies to 100 % to one Mercedes Thompson, VW mechanic and trouble magnet.

    Zee, Mercys former boss and a good friend needs her help. In the nearest fae reservation, where most of the fae live since they were forced to come out to the public eye, one of them got killed. More than one, to be precise. The fae don’t like outsiders to poke around in their business so no offical report was made to the authorities. Zee hopes Mercy’s coyote nose is able to pick up a scent or clue, that indicates who could have done it. Is has to be someone who was at every crime scene so she should be able to pick something up.

    That plan works just fine, she’s able to identify one person but while doing so, she also attracts the eye of the Gray Lords, the dangerous, scary and ruthless rulers of the fae world. Not a good thing in any case.

    When the fae-murderer she identified - a human reservation guard - is killed and Zee is the only one on scene when the police shows up, the case seems pretty clear. Zee is arrested for the murder and pretty much everybody seems to be okay with an open and shut case. But of course not Mercy. She’ll never leave her friend to take the fall for a crime he didn’t, to her firm conviction, commit. Not even if he want’s her to.

    As if her life is not complicated enough, Warren strongly suggests that she picks the one man she really want’s. And soon. Easier said than done. There is Sam, her childhood sweetheart and a man she really loves. But is she in love with him? And then, there is Adam, who already claimed her a his mate to keep her – a coyote – safe. She knows she has to choose, otherwise, rather sooner than late, there will be bloodshed.

    Intend on proving Zee innocent and to distract herself from her own problems Mercy snoops around, contrary to Zees wishes and the strongly disapproval of one of the Gray Lords. And this time, she really pays the price.

    Wow! Strong story with a really surprising twist toward the end that I didn’t see coming.

    Finally, the love triangle is sorted out, but now Mercy and Adam have a very different obstacle to face. What happend to her is nothing any person can just forget, not even one as stubborn as Mercy. I hope for the best, now that she has chosen Adam and that the two of them are able to sort it out an grow stronger together as they go.

    Did I mention before that I really love Ben? And strange enough, Honey.

    It’s not very common for me to read three books of the same series in one go and still don’t have enough. On the contrary. I totally want to know what happens next!

    --> Off to # 4 „Bone Crossed“

    Kommentare: 6
    Valkyrie Kanes avatar
    Valkyrie Kanevor 4 Jahren
    Review: Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson #3) - Patricia Briggs

    Four stars and not one vampire in sight.

    No, really. This book deals with the Fae, mostly, and I liked it a lot.

    I think what I like the most about the Mercy Thompson novels is that they’re written like murder mysteries. Well, usually they ARE murder mysteries, just with a supernatural touch. Which makes everything that little bit more interesting. I don’t think I’d like this series so much if it were only about werewolves, vampires and whatnot trying to deal with each other.

    Which is also a part of the Mercy Thompson series, but not its main topic.

    In “Moon Called” the reader was firmly in the “werewolf world”, in “Blood Bound” we had a vampire case, and not it’s the Fae’s turn.

    When Mercy’s former boss and good friend Zee is arrested for a crime he most definitely didn’t do, and both the police and the Grey Lord’s want to just convict him for it – in case of the police because they actually DO think him guilty, and in case of the (incredibly arrogant and stupid) Grey Lord’s in order to keep Fae-business as quiet as possible and deal with the REAL criminal themselves – it’s clear that Mercy can’t just leave him hanging.

    That, of course, gets her in all kinds of trouble, but I really love how she deals with it all, especially at the end.

    Seriously. The last quarter of “Iron Kissed” is so extremely intense and well-written, it almost brought me to tears. Everything that happens to Mercy, Ben’s explanation (ESPECIALLY Ben’s explanation, God!), Austin and “The Talk” with Austin’s brother Jacob…

    But I think what was the best thing EVER: Adam gets comprehensible! Likeable, even! Yeah, shocking, I know. If they had explained his reasons and – for want of a better word – feelings right from the start, I really don’t think he would have come across as that arrogant, controlling, ignorant, smug know-it-all I couldn’t have cared about any less.

    Ending aside, I really liked that Kyle finally managed to get over the fact that he loved a werewolf and got together with Warren again. Also, Tony makes a slightly bigger appearance, as do Gabriel and Jesse. It was great to see Jesse getting in trouble at school for no other reason than being the daughter of a werewolf and how the pack, Mercy and especially Gabriel dealt with that.

    Again, sadly, no Stefan whatsoever in this Mercy Thompson novel, but this book has other merits.

    Namely the solution to the (for me) very, VERY annoying Mercy-Adam-Sam love-and-possession-triangle. (Yay!) Effing finally! Alas, not before getting so infuriating at one point that I almost put the book down, fiercely determined to never pick it up again. (Hence only four stars.)

    I like Mercy. I really do. Which is rare, because for some reason there are not too many female main characters I can relate to. At least not enough to really “invest” in them. Mercy is an exception.

    Most of the time.

    To be precise, every time she is NOT with Sam and/or Adam.

    Whenever she is, I not only lose every bit of respect for her I’ve ever had, I also can’t take her seriously anymore. I don’t know why she’s always so surprised when everybody rides roughshod over her. She’s the least consistent person I know.

    And she never gets angry.

    Oh, she SAYS she does, but then she just gets sarcastic. And distracted by how “sexy” her opponents are. For example when she’s in a full-blown argument with Adam, who clearly tries to control every little aspect of her life and which – rightfully so – infuriates her, and the next sentence is, “His closeness shouldn’t have felt so good.”

    No! It shouldn’t have! Especially not when he uses sexual attraction and his “Alpha-power” (or whatever) to intimidate you and make you do something that you don’t WANT to do! And he would know that, wouldn’t he? Being a werewolf and all, so he could smell whatever mood you’re in?

    Still, nothing really happens. She gives in, he wins, as always.

    Getting angry with werewolves could get you killed? Yeah, right. Because everybody is not completely in love with Mercy and lets her get away with all kinds of shit. But even if this were not the case: so what? Why not let push come to shove for once? Would Adam (or Sam, for that matter) really kill Mercy, because she’s pissed off with him for trying to take over her life? I don’t think he would. And no one can convince me that Mercy does. (Especially not after the whole she-bang with Jesse getting attacked and Gabriel (of all people!), standing up to him, and alpha werewolf, and survive without a scratch!)

    But she never tries. For all her bitching and complaining, she never even TRIES to follow through. And that’s as frustrating to read as all get out.

    I really hope that this is over and done with now.

    Oh! Another thing! So, Ben! When are you going to admit that you’re also (yet) a(nother) member of the “We All Love Mercy” fan club, hm? Not to worry, it’s perfectly normal. After all, there are also glorified faery walking sticks, too, that follow her around.

    Collaroys avatar
    Collaroyvor 8 Jahren
    Rezension zu "Iron Kissed" von Patricia Briggs

    Also, eigentlich wollte ich diese Rezension ganz sachlich aufbauen, aber dann habe ich mir gedacht- was soll's, es ist kein Anwärter auf den Literatur-Nobelpreis. Was man über dieses Buch wissen muß läßt sich in wenigen Punkten zusammenfassen:

    - tolle Charaktere (nicht perfekt, dafür glaubwürdig und sympathisch)
    - auch im dritten Band eine wirklich spannende Geschichte
    - wer eigentlich nur wissen will, wie es mit dem Dreieck Mercy-Sam-Adam weitergeht, der wird in diesem Buch nicht enttäuscht, denn es tut sich was...
    - last but not least: es macht unglaublich Spaß, ohne oberflächlich zu bleiben! Ich konnte mich nur mit Mühe davon loseisen und hätte es am liebsten in einer Sitzung durchgelesen.

    Ich lese ziemlich viel Urban Fantasy, aber leider ist es mehr Schatten als Licht (nervige Hauptpersonen die alles können, Hauptaugenmerk auf Sex, deswegen 0815-Stories). Patricia Briggs hingegen begeistert mich immer wieder mit ihrer schön durchdachten Fantasy-Welt und ihrem Humor. Für mich ist Patty die derzeit beste Urban-Fantasy-Autorin auf dem Markt, und wie auch bei den beiden Vorgängern gebe ich 5 absolut verdiente Sterne für "Iron Kissed".

    ChristineBlackthorns avatar
    ChristineBlackthornvor 4 Jahren
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    SusannJulievavor 5 Jahren
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    BettySchmidtvor 5 Jahren
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