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Inhaltsangabe zu „River Marked“ von Patricia Briggs

Car mechanic Mercy Thompson has always known there was something different about her, and not just the way she can make a VW engine sit up and beg. Mercy is a shapeshifter, a talent she inherited from her long-gone father. And she's never known any others of her kind.§§Until now. As Mercy comes to terms with this new information, an evil is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River. Something deadly is coming, facts are thin on the ground and Mercy feels ill at ease.§§However, her father's people may know more. To have any hope of surviving, Mercy and her mate, the Alpha werewolf Adam, will need all the resources the shifters can offer. Or death will be the least of their worries.

Spannend und amüsant. Viel über die "Native American"-Traditionen und Legenden. Sonst natürlich die reinste Unterhaltungsliteratur :)

— Brunhi

Stöbern in Fantasy

Die Chroniken der Verbliebenen - Der Kuss der Lüge

Das Buch hat mich vollends in seinen Band gezogen! Ich freue mich sehr auf den 2.Band!!



Recht unterhaltsam


Der Schwarze Thron - Die Königin

Es geht spannend weiter! Noch spannender, noch packender und noch aufregender als Band 1!


Das Lied der Krähen

Tolle Aufmachung, sehr lesenswert, aber etwas gehypt.



Ich liebe das Spin-Off! Rory ist wie Gwen einfach perfekt unperfekt. Freude & Tränen zugleich. Bis zu Band 2 dauert es noch ewig :o.


Die magische Pforte der Anderwelt (Pan-Spin-off)

Der vielversprechende Anfang (?) eines magischen Abenteuers.


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  • River Marked

    River Marked


    06. September 2016 um 14:04

    Achtung, 6. Teil einer Reihe! Mercy und Adam in ihren Flitterwochen – ganz klar, dass dies nicht so ruhig und erholsam vonstatten gehen kann, wie man es einem frisch verheiratetem Paar wünschen würde. In einem riesigen, luxuriösem Wohnmobil ganz alleine auf einem Campingplatz ist es auch schnell vorbei mit der Ruhe. Die beiden stoßen auf nicht nur einen schwer verletzten Angler, sondern mit ihm auch gleich auf andere Walker, ein Flussmonster, und nicht zuletzt auf einige Erklärungen zu Mercys Herkunft. Auch diesmal hat es mich wieder fasziniert, dass jeder Band der Reihe etwas völlig Neues zu bieten hat. Neue Entwicklungen und Erklärungen einer bereits bekannten Fantasy-Welt, aber ebenso eine völlig neue spannende Story. Patricia Briggs verliert sich nicht in Wiederholungen, und jeder Teil der Reihe ist in sich abgeschlossen, ohne den Gesamtzusammenhang zu verlieren. Diesmal stehen die Walker und Mercys Abstammung im Mittelpunkt, und auch wenn ich zwischendrin kurzzeitig etwas verwirrt war und fast den Faden verloren hätte, hat die Autorin doch gleich wieder die Kurve gekriegt und mich mit einem sehr zufriedenstellendem und schlüssigem Ende zurückgelassen. Auch hier wieder 5 Sterne, im Vergleich mit den anderen Teilen der Reihe aber mit einem ganz kleinen Minus dahinter.

  • River Marked (Mercy Thompson #6) - Patricia Briggs (das war nix)

    River Marked

    Valkyrie Kane

    Well, I guess when you’ve written five very good books, you’re probably bound to cock things up at one point. In the Mercy Thompson series this was (for me) River Marked. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s because I’m not a very religious person or if I misunderstood something, but I couldn’t find any kind of access to that book. At all. It started well enough, actually. There was Adam and Mercy’s “reverse shot-gun wedding” I really, really liked (and kudos to Jesse & Co. for actually pulling that one off), they finally mentioned the aftermath of the whole Marsilia mess-up and how Stefan dealt with it (or not) at least briefly, and then it was off to the honeymoon. Which I had really hoped would be kind of summarized in one or two pages or thereabouts. No such luck. So... Adam and Mercy drove away for their honeymoon. I’m pretty sure I would have survived that one, but somewhere on the way to the campground in the Columbia Gorge, they must have taken a very, very wrong turn, because I was suddenly somewhere in the Native American Spirit World where everybody is a jerk. Add a monstrously huge river-dragon-snake-thingy and that the Coyote Spirit is Mercy’s father aaaaand... I’m out. No, seriously. This was way too esoteric for my liking. There was no real mystery like in the other books, because it was pretty clear from the get-go what caused all the “mysterious” deaths in the area Adam and Mercy were camping. You didn’t have any of the usual characters around (yeah, okay, a little bit in the beginning and then they PHONE, like, twice in the whole book; great), instead you get a bunch of new ones which are – apart from maybe one or two – unlikeable or just shallow. And what is it that they have to make Mercy always even more super-duper-extra-special than she was before? She IS special already! She’s a coyote Walker who was raised by werewolves and even married one, she has some Fae, a Fae walking stick and a Vampire as friends, she’s not influenced by any magic at all or at least not as she SHOULD be, she can see and talk to ghosts. So why does she have to be the child of The Native American Coyote Spirit on top of all that, too? Yeah, no, she IS, because that really confusing explanation wasn’t any explanation at all. Plus, cut away all the spiritual rigmarole, the one thing that remains is: Mercy could never have been born as a Walker if her mother AND FATHER had been completely human, period. Especially if one of them had been a white, Anglo-American, in this case Mercy’s mother Marji. So, the tale of Coyote having only worn a Joe-Old-Coyote-meat-suit is nice, but evidently Coyote himself was the one who’s gotten Marji pregnant, because otherwise Mercy would’ve been just an ordinary human. And the “endgame” was just... silly. Usually I’m not bothered by Mercy Superwoman, but that was too much. Nope. Sorry. No book for me. On to book seven, which is – hopefully – just like the first five.

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  • Too much spriritual stuff for me ....

    River Marked


    30. May 2014 um 09:19

    Mercy is working herself up to a good panic but not because of some monster or other is trying to kill/eat her, it’s worse! Her mother is planning her and Adams wedding. Back in the day, her younger sister eloped and now Mercy understands perfectly why. Before Mercy can do the same and just run away to get married in Vegas or something, she actually IS married. Her Mom and Adams daughter as co-conspirators orchestrated a surprise-wedding and voila! Of course, their honeymoon isn’t anything like other couples. The fae have their hands in their honeymoon destination and that’s never reassuring or relaxing. Barely there, Mercy meets the ghost of her father. Or something that looks like him. The next night, she and Adam go for a run and on their way back they come across a boat with a badly injured man on board and while Mercy tends to his wounds, as far a possible, Adam runs back to their trailer to call for help. A bunch of locals – native americans – and most of them seem to be more than meets the eye, come to their aid. Mercy starts having dreams who turn out to be true, some weirdo spiritual stuff is going on, a river-monster is killing people and apperently Mercy is the only one who can stop it, but the price could be her life. So far so … not good. Okayish, I guess. First of all, I miss all the characters from the other books. The wolves, Stefan, Zee …. Most of the time it’s just Mercy and Adam and that’s understandable (it’s their honeymoon after all) but I still miss them. Sure, they meet new people who are nice enough (most of them anyway) but that’s not exactly the same. The thing with Joe Old Coyote being not her father while at the same time beeing her father and not … is a little complicated but I think I got it. Somehow. The whole river-devil-eating-spiritual-walker-stuff, living not here nor there, was definitely too much blah … aaah what??? for me. Hm… I did not not like the book, but at the same time, I didn’t really like it. Know what I mean? Soooooo, three out of five ain’t bad, is it?

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