ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 Pejo

ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 Pejo
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The Belgian artist couple.
In real life and in artistic life a couple that made its way into the glass art world, Johanna as Laureate Master in stained glass and fusion techniques and Peter an award winning international designer joined hands and minds to create contemporary glass art.
They started with modern stained glass windows but gave it a three dimensional twist by adding perspective.
Now they have set their mind to glass fusion. Starting with small abstracts mounted in old wood to large figurative glass works.
Being restless, the search of creating new, original and different glass art, drives them to think out of the box. No boundaries that’s the new approach. Their glass art stands alone, not in frames. It’s a more dynamic and powerful presentation that suggests movement and speed. Therefore, their newest creations are made with a special fusing technique creating realistic scenes, portraits, sport events, animals or the capture of a book story.
Their new series
„Les Enfants Invisibles Shining like stars children a fortune a fantasy
A difference in the moves they make crystal power clear moving sculptures in endless light“
is a statement to all children who are not heard or seen and yet, they are the future.
Their strength is not only exclusivity but they make everything together and enjoy the new ideas to create that one piece they think should be the next in line.
People enjoy Pejo‘s glass art on 4 continents now, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.


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