Patrick Fillion , Jacob Mott Ghostboy and Diablo


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Ghostboy and Diablo“ von Patrick Fillion

"For years Peter Goldman a.k.a. GHOSTBOY and Bruno Ragetti a.k.a DIABLO have protected the good citizens of Gateway City from danger and evil as GUARDIANS OF THE CUBE. They began as teammates, became friends, and eventually, love blossomed between them. Now these adventurers must go public with their budding romance, but coming out to a wife and a conservative mother is the least of their worries. Ghostboy’s estranged uncle TORO is back in town with a maniacal scheme. He’s planning a freaky family vacation to the heart of the Bermuda Triangle which could lead our heroes to damnation’s very doorstep. Collecting the GHOSTBOY and DIABLO mini series (issues 1 - 4) and more, this volume follows the adventures of two of Class Comics’ most beloved heroes. Featuring stories written and illustrated by PATRICK FILLION, GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO also features breathtaking artwork by fan-favorite artists DAVID CANTERO and JACOB MOTT."

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