Patrick Pobuda Humanity in Economics


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Humanity in Economics“ von Patrick Pobuda

The negligence of humanity in economics has already led to huge inequalities in different spheres. This book does focus on social inequality as the considered root-cause for economic inequality while noticing the interrelations between political, economic, and social inequalities. Therefore, the introduced normative concept aims at the establishment of a long-term perspective in the economic sphere, the fairly-distributed allocation of resources as a result of political interference, and the ensuring of equality of opportunity in the social sphere by realization of the “Theory of liberal Fairness”. The intention is to enable citizens as well as societies coping with future challenges while putting the human being back in the center. To allow such a state, the “Theory of reasonable Progress” is proposed as an economic system that is based on Ordoliberalism with some Keynesian elements.
The inquiry begins with some theoretical economic concepts and examines the origins as well as different levels of inequality in three countries with their special adoption of a market economy while investigating in each of them the owners of social responsibility. It is followed by a selection of some applicable as well as practicable theories of justice and the compilation of diverse measures in form of a comprehensive tool kit for the establishment of fairness as a response to the growing inequalities in our society. Hereby, the ownership of social responsibility is shared between the public and the private sector. These outcomes will be utilized to develop a framework for the promotion of humanity in economics while also maintaining a high degree of fairness. Consequently, these concepts will be applied to the European Union as an example for their proposed functioning.

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