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Burning Ground

Burning Ground

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Realistic, oppressice, relieving
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I got a copy of "Burning Ground" by Pearl Luke over goodreads and even if this is not the sort of book I read in general I really liked it.

Over the summer, Percy Turner lives in a fire tower in Canada. For month she's alone in the forest, watching out for fires, reporting them and the weather over the radio and only seeing other people when she they bring her food and more once a month.
It's her 7th time on the fire tower, but this year is different. On the radio she hears the voice of Gilmore who's in another fire tower and they start writing profound and personal emails. Furthermore, her relationship with Marlea is at a point where Percy can't see a future anymore.

Protagonist Percy Turner is in her late 20s, reclusive and mousy. It was interesting reading about her, the life at the fire tower and about her childhood in a trailer park. She's likeable to me in a way I can't put into words, but on the other hand there is a big distance between her and the reader.
We only learn about other people in the book from Percys memories and thoughts. Marlea is her big love, a girl she lived with in the traile park and that became more than a best friend. At least for Percy. Marlea has her boyfriend Andrew and only occasionally comes back together with Percy.
Gilmore is the writer of the emails Percy gets, even if the reader never reads his mails, only Percys replies. She seems to like him, but as he never appears in person, only in written and hearable words, he's more a shadow than real.

It took me some time to start liking the story, but the middle part was really good. The book has its lenghts, when Percy is alone in the forest at her fire tower, you don't really know what the story aims at, what should happen or what the intension of the author is, despite telling about the process of a fire watcher.
I didn't know about this job before and it was really interesting and new for me. 
I also like the way Luke writes, it's very realistic, shocking and crucial in some parts and when Percy cuts her finger in the lawn mover I nearly had to put the book away, because of the description of the instance.
The trailer park childhood of Percy, her relationship with Dan and the one with Marlea including her discovery of her own sexuality were well written, realistic and oppressively unpleasant (Dan using Percy as a kind of domina). Luke isn't palliate something, she describes the real world and that's fascinating.

I give 4 of 5 fires for this books. I really liked the middle part, but the beginning and the end didn't really persuade me, nevertheless they were good.


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