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You know how to write code that works, but what about code that´s well written and easy to understand? And robust and bug free? If other programmers looked at your handiwork, would they be able to figure out the code´s logic and purpose? Exceptional programmers have more than just technical know-how; they adopt the right approach and attitude toward development. Whether you want to become a true programming professional or enhance your existing professional skills, Code Craft will show you how to write code that does more than just work. Filled with language-agnostic advice that´s relevant to all developers, Code Craft covers code-writing concerns such as presentation style, variable naming, error handling, and security. And it tackles broader, realworld programming issues like effective teamwork, developmental processes, and documentation. Each chapter ends with a Q&A section that reviews key concepts to get you thinking like an expert, making this book an especially great reference for newer programmers who want to work professionally and efficiently as part of a team. This survival guide for the software factory will show you how to: -Write good code when the world´s not helping you -Avoid disasters and distractions in the workplace -Assess your abilities accurately and determine ways to improve -Adopt productive attitudes and follow best practices There´s little more valuable than the advice of a true programming professional. You´ll find Code Craft to be a clear, practical, and entertaining guide, and it´s a great way to take your code (and your career) to the next level. "Some books you read because you have to, some you simply have to read. Pete´s book is in the second category - it´s useful and fun and it´ll make you a better programmer"

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