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    05. January 2009 um 12:50

    The Tale of Harry Joy... Harry Joy, who suffers a heart attack right at the beginning of the novel, is before this moment a closed-eye fun loving (and liked by everbody around him) guy with a very strange family, considering that his wife has an affair with his companion, which is pervetedly beaten by his daughter, by her constantly paying off her brother's deliveries of marijuana with oral sex. All of this is not seen by Harry Joy. After reanimation and successful heart surgery, Harry returns to his life, all of a sudden seeing things he had previously not seen, making him think that he has actually returned to hell. Many strange happenings occur, Harry is taken to mental hospital, Harry's new girlfriend (and ex-part-time-whore) Honey Barbara eventually moves in with Harry and his children, still wife and her new lover, the level of Peter Carey's imagination is nearly surrealistic. His humor is scathing, coarse, dark and wry. There are many moments when there is no possiblity to refrain from laughing out aloud. Nevertheless, this novel is perhaps a bit too much time-referenced to the time of it's making, the mid-eighties, with Carey inventing (and making fun of) a kind of post-hippie situation. The only moment which makes me a wee bit unhappy is the in my opinion overpainted moment before the coda (which is the last chapter). Imaginative writing, brilliant ideas, a surrealistic great fun read it definetely is, a virtuoso performance.

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