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Cover des Buches Abschied auf Englisch (ISBN: 9783596182466)

Abschied auf Englisch

Erschienen am 14.01.2009
Cover des Buches Der Tod hat lange Beine (ISBN: 9783426014691)

Der Tod hat lange Beine

Erschienen am 01.07.1989
Cover des Buches Der Urlaub eines Übergeschnappten (ISBN: 9783746600130)

Der Urlaub eines Übergeschnappten

Erschienen am 01.04.1994
Cover des Buches Die Frau im See: Ein Peter-Diamond-Krimi (ISBN: 9783955304560)

Die Frau im See: Ein Peter-Diamond-Krimi

Erschienen am 20.06.2014
Cover des Buches Eine Bomben-Einladung (ISBN: 9783426029442)

Eine Bomben-Einladung

Erschienen am 01.10.1996
Cover des Buches Tod eines Mediums (ISBN: 9783426015049)

Tod eines Mediums

Erschienen am 01.05.1991
Cover des Buches Abrakadaver (ISBN: 9783426016596)


Erschienen am 01.05.1991

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Cover des Buches Beau Death (Detective Peter Diamond Mystery) (ISBN: 9781616959050)

Rezension zu "Beau Death (Detective Peter Diamond Mystery)" von Peter Lovesey

Beau Death
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 6 Jahren

Bei Abbrucharbeiten wird im Dachgeschoss eines alten Hauses in Bath das Skelett eines Mannes gefunden. Der Tote trägt Kleidung aus dem 18. Jahrhundert. Die Frage drängt sich auf: ist der Kadaver tatsächlich so alt und handelt es sich sogar um den berühmten Beau Nash, einen gefeierten Lebemann und Exzentriker, der stets eine ähnliche schwarze Perücke trug. Die Gerüchteküche kommt in Gang, in den Sozialen Netzwerken verbreitet sich lauffeuerartig die Nachricht, man hätte die sterblichen Überreste eines der berühmtesten Söhne von Bath gefunden.

Superintendent Peter Diamond und sein Team sollen herausfinden, was es mit dem seltsamen Skelett auf sich hat. Eigentlich eher eine Aufgabe für die forensische Archäologie, aber bei so viel Publicity muss auch die Polizei mithelfen, zumal sich bald herausstellt, dass die gefundene Person durch Gewaltanwendung ums Leben kam.

Peter Lovesey ist immer noch der König des zeitgenössischen britischen Whodunit-Krimis, und auch sein neuester Streich bietet wieder beste Unterhaltung. Sonderlich viel Neues sollte man jedoch nicht erwarten. Lovesey variiert hier Themen, die er bereits in früheren Büchern behandelt hat. Peter Diamond ist immer noch ein Griesgram, das Polizeiteam untereinander zerstritten (wobei diese Querelen mitunter etwas Aufgesetztes an sich haben und die Handlung kaum voranbringen). Historisch interessierte Leser kommen definitiv auf ihre Kosten, denn man erfährt eine Menge über das Leben im Bath des 18. Jahrhunderts und die schillernde Gestalt des Beau Nash.  

In der zeitgenössischen Krimi-Landschaft sind die Peter-Diamond-Romane eine Konstante, die immer wieder niveauvolle Spannung bietet. Dieses Jahr hat Lovesey den Edgar Award für sein Lebenswerk erhalten, und befindet sich damit in illustrer Gesellschaft von Genre-Größen wie Agatha Christie, Daphne Du Maurier, Ruth Rendell, John Le Carré oder Rex Stout, auch wenn Lovesey im Vergleich zu jenen Damen und Herren international immer noch einen viel zu geringen Bekanntheitsgrad genießt.

Cover des Buches Another One Goes Tonight (ISBN: 9780751564662)

Rezension zu "Another One Goes Tonight" von Peter Lovesey

Another One Goes Tonight
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 7 Jahren

Peter Diamond, the Bath detective brilliant at rooting out murder, is peeved at being diverted to Professional Standards to enquire into a police car accident. Arriving late at the scene, he discovers an extra victim thrown onto an embankment - unconscious and unnoticed. Diamond administers CPR, but no one can say whether the elderly tricyclist will pull through.
But why had the man been out in the middle of the night with an urn containing human ashes? Diamond 's suspicions grow after he identifies the accident victim as Ivor Pellegrini, a well-known local eccentric and railway enthusiast. A search of Pellegrini's workshop proves beyond question that he is involved in a series of uninvestigated deaths. While Pellegrini lingers on life support, Diamond wrestles with the appalling possibility that he has saved the life of a serial killer. . .

I think it has been about 4 years ago that I discovered Peter Lovesey’s Peter Diamond series. Since then I have read all the books about the choleric police detective from Bath, and he has quickly become one of my favourite fictional sleuths. This is his sixteenth outing, and as usual it involves a particularly complex crime.

It is difficult to keep a series fresh over several decades. And to Peter Lovesey’s credit it must be said, that he tries coming up with something new in every instalment. This time the story takes us into the world of railway enthusiasts, people who collect train memorabilia.

The beginning is exciting enough: After a policeman is killed and another one heavily injured in a car accident Diamond is given the task of finding out what really happened. Was the elderly man found at the scene the cause of the accident? Peter Diamond has saved the man’s life, but the more he finds out about Ivor Pellegrini the weirder the case seems to be getting. Not only was he carrying an urn in his backpack, but Diamond finds two other urns hidden in the man’s home, raising questions about his character.

Pellegrini was a railway enthusiast and member of railway related clubs, in which mostly elderly people come together collecting pieces and equipment from classic trains and studying the history of old train lines. He seems like the epitome of an eccentric Englishman. However to Superintendent Peter Diamond there is something just not quite right.

Diamond is torn between the elation of saving a human life and his mounting suspicion that Pellegrini was a serial-killer, especially after coming across several printouts from websites debating the perfect murder method, which were stuffed into a drawer in the man’s workshop. Is this enough evidence? Certainly not, but when Diamond finds out that quite a few of Ivor’s friends and fellow train spotters died recently he starts feeling that he is on the right track.

With Pellegrini in hospital Diamond has to investigate without being able to question the main suspect.

Another One Goes Tonight does not quite have the freshness ad relentless pace of the best entries in this series. The narrative seems to be running in circles for some time while Diamond and his colleagues are debating whether Ivor Pellegrini may or may not be a serial murderer. This idea might seem a bit far-fetched to some readers as might the fact that Another One Goes Tonight relies heavily on coincidence, but then so did many of the classic detective novels it tries to emulate. Peter Lovesey has always been great at bringing back the feeling of a classic Agatha Christie novel, indeed his best works might be up there with the finest from the Queen of Crime or the likes of John Dickson Carr. This time however he does not quite succeed.

Some say, that modern technology with its forensics and DNA analysis has killed the classic puzzle oriented detective mystery, but Lovesey has been coming up with inventive ways for bumping off people for years. Indeed one of the most important issues of Diamond’s current investigation is whether such a thing as the perfect crime is still possible and how it can be achieved. In theory at least this might sound like pure gold for crime fiction fans, but for some reason Another One Goes Tonight just wasn’t as much fun as it should have been.

Although the ending did spring one genuine surprise regarding the identity of the murderer, the downside is, that the killer here is almost a bit too well hidden. A Person from the side-lines suddenly steps into the spotlight and since we barely knew this character until then, there is a lot of information dumped on us in the last few pages making the finale seem a bit convoluted.

Another One Goes Tonight is a fun old-fashioned British detective novel. But compared to Lovesey’s own stellar back catalogue it is just about solid.   

Cover des Buches Down Among the Dead Men (ISBN: 9780751558890)

Rezension zu "Down Among the Dead Men" von Peter Lovesey

Down Among The Dead Men
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 8 Jahren

A nightmare discovery in the boot of a stolen BMW plunges car thief Danny Stapleton into the worst trouble of his life. What links his misfortune to the mysterious disappearance of an art teacher at a private school for girls in Chichester? Orders from above push Peter Diamond of Bath CID into investigating a police corruption case in the Chichester force, and he soon finds himself reluctantly dealing with spirited schoolgirls, eccentric artists and his formidable old colleague, Hen Mallin.

After Danny Stapleton steals a BMW he is shocked when the cops pull him over on his way to a dubious car dealer to change the registration plates. Unfortunately for Danny it turns out the car he lifted was already stolen, and worse than that, there is also a dead body in the trunk. Danny might protest as much as his wants, but he is looking at a sentence for murder or in best case accessory to murder.

15 years later while Danny is spending his jail sentence an anonymous letter arrives at Sussex police hinting that the investigating officer might have mishandled the case to protect a relative of hers.

Asisstant Chief Constable Georgina Dallymore is asked by the Sussex police to investigate this possible case of police corruption and she wants Superintendent Peter Diamond to accompany her.

Soon the original crime turns out to be one in a series of disappearances with links to organised crime. Diamond and Dallymore have to race to unmask the real killer while they cannot trust anyone, not even their own colleagues.

Meanwhile a new arts teacher arrives at a private school of girls in Chichester. The girls immediately go crazy for the handsome man who drives a sports car and lives in a manor house. But is he really who he claims to be and what happened to his predecessor who just disappeared without a trace?

Down Among The Dead Man starts out really strong and about the first half of the book is immensely entertaining. Peter Diamond has never gotten along particularly well with his boss and now having to work together they get caught up in some amusing situations. The funniest scene occurs perhaps when Diamond and Dallymore pretend to be painters and are confronted with a nude male model.

Once the times comes however to answer all our questions the book does so in a not very original way. I was expecting something far more sinister than the actual solution which is really a bit of a let-down after the suspenseful investigation

Another solid entry in the Peter-Diamond-series, but not quite as good as earlier books from the author.

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