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Inhaltsangabe zu „Prayer“ von Philip Kerr

Special Agent Gil Martins investigates domestic terrorism for the Houston FBI. He is a religious man who is close to losing his faith; the very nature of his job has led him to question the existence of a God who could allow the things that Gil sees every day.§But Gil's wife Ruth doesn't see things the same way and his crisis of faith provokes a fracture in their marriage. Gil's world is breaking apart.§At the same time, Gil starts to investigate a series of unexplained deaths that bring this crisis of faith into uncomfortable focus.§When Esther, a disturbed woman, informs Gil that these men have been killed by prayer, Gil questions her sanity. But as the evidence mounts up that there might be something in what she says, his new-found atheism is severely challenged, more so as he finds his own life is next on the line.

Stöbern in Romane

Der Sandmaler

Leider viel weniger, als erhofft.


Die wundersame Reise eines verlorenen Gegenstands

Eine Reise bei der Michele sein eigenes "Ich" wiederfindet. Ein sehr schönes Hörbuch


Dann schlaf auch du

Spannend, schockierend und furchtbar traurig. Ein sprachgewaltiges Buch, dass sich so richtig keinem Genre zuordnen lässt. Lesenswert!


Drei Tage und ein Leben

Ein beinahe poetisch anmutendes Psychodrama


Und es schmilzt

Selten so ein langweiliges Buch gelesen. 22 Euro hätten besser angelegt werden können. Leider.


Underground Railroad

Tief bedrückendes Portrait einer Gesellschaft! Das Buch war nicht immer schön, aber immer lesenswert.


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    04. October 2013 um 20:28

    Due to the things he has to cope with in his job, FBI agent Gil Martins has lost his faith. This is quite understandable, but not to his wife Ruth, who is a dedicated member of an evangelical church. She can´t cope with Gil´s atheism. Their marriage falls apart, and Ruth throws Gil out of their house.   Gil moves into a church-owned building in abandoned Galveston. This is a spooky house, and equally spooky is the case Gil is working on.   When Gil works on his case of serial killings, a witness claims that the killings were committed by prayer. Pastor Nelson Van Der Velden, leader of the Izrael Church of Good Men and Women, formed a secret and powerful prayer group, she states. This group started with prayers for winning the lottery and then went on to pray for the deaths of certain people – and succeeded.   All this brings Gil to the brink of insaneness. His atheism is as much in danger as his life, since he has to fight his demons. The big question is: Is there a God? And if there is, is He a loving one or is His kingdom one of fear?   I like reading the books written by Philip Kerr, especially the Bernie Gunther novels. (The most recent one, “A Man without Breath”, is already on my pile, waiting to be read). That Kerr published a quite different kind of novel interested me and I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I have been disappointed.   The book starts very, very slowly and is much more a book about faith and the lack of faith than a thriller. It is full of Bible quotes and sermons. This is inevitable for the story, but nevertheless a bit tedious.   Only the last part of the book is a little bit more exciting and reminded me of Victorian ghost stories. Towards the end the story becomes more and more stranger.   Altogether this might be an interesting novel for anyone who wants to reflect on faith and atheism. But for me it was not as gripping as Kerr´s other novels.