Philip Pullman Dark Materials 2. The Subtle Knife. (His Dark Materials)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Dark Materials 2. The Subtle Knife. (His Dark Materials)“ von Philip Pullman

At the end of <I>The Northern Lights</I>, Lyra Silvertongue watched in fear and fascination as her father, Lord Asriel, created a bridge between worlds. Lyra and her daemon, Pantalaimon, are now lost in an alternate universe where they meet Will Parry, a fugitive from a third universe. Will has found a small window between Cittagazze (a place where children roam unchecked but invisible Specters suck the spirit out of adults) and his Oxford, which, with its Burger Kings and cars, is frighteningly different from the Oxford Lyra knows. <p> Will's father, an explorer, disappeared years ago, but recently some odd characters have started asking questions about him, and now, having accidentally killed one of them, Will is wanted by the police. Armed with the Subtle Knife, a tool that cuts any material (including that which separates universes) and Lyra's alethiometer, the children set out to find John Parry, with adults of various stripes in desperate pursuit. <p> Lyra's finest qualities, her courage and quick mind, are stretched to the limit as she has to lie, cheat and steal to keep herself and Will out of danger. However, she must also learn when to tell the truth and when to trust, for, though she does not yet know it, she has a huge part to play in the upcoming battle between Good and Evil. With <I>The Golden Compass</I> Philip Pullman garnered every accolade under the sun. Critics lobbed around such superlatives as "elegant," "awe-inspiring," "grand," and "glittering," and used "magnificent" with gay abandon. Each reader had a favorite chapter--or, more likely, several--from the opening tour de force to Lyra's close call at Bolvangar to the great armored-bear battle. And Pullman was no less profligate when it came to intellectual firepower or singular characters. The dæmons alone grant him a place in world literature. Could the second installment of his trilogy keep up this pitch, or had his heroine and her too, too sullied parents consumed him? And what of the belief system that pervaded his alternate universe, not to mention the mystery of Dust? More revelations and an equal number of wonders and new players were definitely in order.<p> <I>The Subtle Knife</I> offers everything we could have wished for, and more. For a start, there's a young hero--from our world--who is a match for Lyra Silvertongue and whose destiny is every bit as shattering. Like Lyra, Will Parry has spent his childhood playing games. Unlike hers, though, his have been deadly serious. This 12-year-old long ago learned the art of invisibility: if he could erase himself, no one would discover his mother's increasing instability and separate them. <p> As the novel opens, Will's enemies will do anything for information about his missing father, a soldier and Arctic explorer who has been very much airbrushed from the official picture. Now Will must get his mother into safe seclusion and make his way toward Oxford, which may hold the key to John Parry's disappearance. But en route and on the lam from both the police and his family's tormentors, he comes upon a cat with more than a mouse on her mind: "She reached out a paw to pat something in the air in front of her, something quite invisible to Will." What seems to him a patch of everyday Oxford conceals far more: "The cat stepped forward and vanished." Will, too, scrambles through and into another oddly deserted landscape--one in which children rule and adults (and felines) are very much at risk. Here in this deathly silent city by the sea, he will soon have a dustup with a fierce, flinty little girl: "Her expression was a mixture of the very young--when she first tasted the cola--and a kind of deep, sad wariness." Soon Will and Lyra (and, of course, her dæmon, Pantalaimon) uneasily embark on a great adventure and head into greater tragedy.<p> As Pullman moves between his young warriors and the witch Serafina Pekkala, the magnetic, ever-manipulative Mrs. Coulter, and Lee Scoresby and his hare dæmon, Hester, there are clear signs of approaching war and earthly chaos. There are new faces as well. The author introduces Oxford dark-matter researcher Mary Malone; the Latvian witch queen Ruta Skadi, who "had trafficked with spirits, and it showed"; Stanislaus Grumman, a shaman in search of a weapon crucial to the cause of Lord Asriel, Lyra's father; and a serpentine old man whom Lyra and Pan can't quite place. Also on hand are the Specters, beings that make cliff-ghasts look like rank amateurs. <p> Throughout, Pullman is in absolute control of his several worlds, his plot and pace equal to his inspiration. Any number of astonishing scenes--small- and large-scale--will have readers on edge, and many are cause for tears. "You think things have to be <I>possible</I>," Will demands. "Things have to be <I>true</I>!" It is Philip Pullman's gift to turn what quotidian minds would term the impossible into a reality that is both heartbreaking and beautiful. <I>--Kerry Fried</I>

Pullman has a wonderful way to describe worlds, things and emotions and takes the reader on a fantastic and thrilling journey!

— hexepanki
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  • Der beste Teil der Trilogie - Facettenreiche Charaktere und eine faszinierende, runde Geschichte

    Dark Materials 2. The Subtle Knife. (His Dark Materials)


    13. May 2015 um 23:36

    Wir lernen Will kennen, der ebenso mutig ist wie Lyra, aber durch den Umstand mit seiner Mutter, ein völlig anderes Lebensprinzip hat. Will trifft auf Lyra, in einer anderen Welt versteht sich, und nach einer Phase des gewissen Misstrauens, entwickelt sich eine Verbindung zwischen ihnen, die man sich bereits nach kurzer Zeit nicht mehr wegdenken kann. Und natürlich bewältigen die beiden wieder etliche spannende Abenteuer und decken einen weiteren Teil des Rätsels auf, wer hier gegen wen kämpft und warum. Davon will ich aber nichts verraten, denn die Geschichte ist wirklich spannend und faszinierend. Dieser Teil war für mich der beste in dieser Trilogie. Am Anfang ist es zwar etwas verwirrend, weil die ersten Kapitel nur von Will handeln, den wir ja noch gar nicht kennen, aber spätestens als er in Cittàgazze auf Lyra trifft, beginnt eine faszinierende und spannende Geschichte. Wie auch in den anderen Teilen, erschafft Pullman eine faszinierende Welt, die er so wunderbar beschreibt, dass ich, als Leserin mit relativ schlechtem Vorstellungsvermögen, ein detailreiches Kopfkino erleben konnte. Ich mag diesen Teil am liebsten, weil die Geschichte ausgeklügelt, fantasiereich aber vor allem rund ist. Es gibt wieder verschiedene Handlungsstränge, die aber schöner und glatter ineinander übergehen, als in den anderen Teilen. Besonders faszinierend fand ich, dass Pullman es schafft, dem Leser die Entwicklung von Lyras Persönlichkeit aufzuzeigen, ohne direkt darauf hinzuweisen. Wir erleben ganz subtil, wie Lyra sich mit den Erfahrungen die sie macht verändert und wie auch Lyra, habe ich nach und nach verstanden, worum es hier eigentlich geht. Die Welt von Cittàgazze ist faszinierend und grausam-erschreckend zugleich. Die Charaktere und ihre Emotionen sind wieder einmal herzzerreißend schön beschrieben und die Handlung ist spannend und rätselhaft und aufwühlend. Fazit: Eine tolle und fantasievolle Geschichte mit sehr tiefgründigem Hintergrund (die gänzliche Tragweite erschließt sich erst in Teil 3), herrlich beschriebene Charaktere und Landschaften und eine gute Portion Spannung. Absolut lesenswert!