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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman 1998 Scholastic“ von Philip Pullman

Pullman has a wonderful way to describe worlds, things and emotions and takes the reader on a fantastic and thrilling journey!

— hexepanki
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    The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman 1998 Scholastic


    25. April 2015 um 16:24

    Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" Series is one of the most extraordinary ones written in this century. The 2nd book, "The Subtle Knife" shows this clearly. Story: After Lyra has left her world at the end of "Northern Lights/The Golden Compass", she finds herself in a new environment. There she meets Will, who comes from another world and has found his way through a small window. Together they want to find out abut Dust and what Lord Asriel plans to do. And Will is looking for his father, who disappeared years ago on a trip far north... I just love the story. It is original and like nothing I've read before. The characters are various and not flawless, they seem realer than many other characters, because they have their mysteries and pasts that better stay dark. The first book played in one world, in this book we are introduced to two new worlds, one of which seems to be the world we know.  All seem connected, but the story is complex and the physical and scientific essentials are too many to give an outlook of the whole series yet. What will Mrs Coulter do next? What is Lord Asriel planning? Will Will meet his father?  I missed Yorek Byrnisson, however I'm glad to see Serafina Pekkala and Lee again. Will is a good friend to Lyra and he is a worthy holder of the subtle knife. Furthermore, I especially loved the little symbols on every page implying in which world the current scene is playing.  I give 4 of 5 subtle knifes for this book. It intrigued me, but I think the story can get better in the next book, so I'm holding back a 5th knife here.

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