Piper Black 3 Day Pass - Fm Romance Seduction Erotica


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Inhaltsangabe zu „3 Day Pass - Fm Romance Seduction Erotica“ von Piper Black

Fran gets a 72 hour extended pass and makes the most of it meeting Dick in the local public house but all is not as it seems... Excerpt: “I don’t want to fuck a man with a stubby dick, no offence. It’s just not worth pulling my pants down for, you know? I only got 72 hours of fuck time and I need something big,” her hands demonstrated the size of a penis known only to a race horse. I was just behind her in the pissed stakes so I went along with her, “I’m this long,” I told her pointing to the length of my large hand from wrist to tip of finger and this thick,” making an O with my thumb and first finger. “No way, “she replied, “If you’re joking Fanny will not be pleased,” and she shook her head in all seriousness. “OK ,” I said, “since you’re asking personal questions ,what bra size are you?” “38E, anything else you want to know like do I shave my quim?” “Well do you?” “Wouldn’t you like to know?” “Actually I’d like to verify it for myself.” “Only if I can verify the size of your cock,” she trumped. “That’s a deal then.” “Would you take advantage of woman who’s pissed?” “course I would, especially as she’s only got 72 hours of fuck time.” “Shit, shit, shit, shit,” she repeated under her breath and hit her forehead on the table. “Come on then , I’m staying here for a couple of nights, let’s go to my room and get Dick and Fanny together.” We eased out of our seats. My mates had gone off to play snooker so I was able to sneak out without any prying eyes on me. We climbed the stairs to her room and one way and another we stumbled into her room. The curtains were not drawn so we could see by the glow of the car park lights. We faced each other and I put my arms around her. “It’s OK if you just want to kiss,” I said knowing how fucked -up her head might be. “No, I want you, all of you and I can’t have children so you’re OK down there.” I brought her head closer to me and we kissed at first tentatively and then more serious as she opened her mouth for a full on smooch. Her mouth tasted of liquor and her tongue was almost down my throat. By now, I was in a state of arousal and as I brought her body closer she was bound to know. Her hand ran down the front and she cupped my bulge.
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