Politically Incorrect Team Romance: Marriage of Convenience Romance: Highlander Bride's Adventures ( Mail Order Bride Scottish Romance Box Set)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Romance: Marriage of Convenience Romance: Highlander Bride's Adventures ( Mail Order Bride Scottish Romance Box Set)“ von Politically Incorrect Team

Get over 25,000 words of Scottish Highlander Romance in the below 3 stories The box set also comes with 2 Romance bonus stories. A total of 5 books! 1. Winning the Highlander Bride:The Montgomery castle sealed the fate for Annabelle and Steward. Over a bet on its possession, the Boyd’s lost and gave their word to marry Annabelle to the Montgomery’s son. Annabelle dreamt of a knight in shining armor and Steward couldn’t be any further from her dream. A ruthless highlander and who had been accused of raping her best friend. How does she wrap her head around this situation? Steward had his eye on the castle, but he didn’t mind the slender, beautiful Annabelle as his wife. But as he soon realized, the defiant lass would much rather kill than kiss him. A marriage doomed for disaster evolves through passion, difficulties and danger. In the end the two will have to defy all reasons for love to prevail. 2. Highland Bride's Treason: Kendrick Scott, Prince of Scotland is in love with the English princess Edith from the first instance. The slender lasso has been brought to Scotland to marry him, and establish peace in the United Kingdom. Little does he know that Edith brings with her the demise of his kingdom and the English army as his in-law’s. Behind, her beautiful brown eyes, Edith hides the feelings of a soldier in battle. When her father King Stuart declared he was taking over Scotland and she would need to marry Prince Kendrick to lead them into Scotland, she had decided to sacrifice her life for the kingdoms prosperity. Unexpectedly, Edith finds in Kendrick a lover like none other. A merciless mission, however, stains their pure love. Edith and Kendrick steer a relationship that will determine the future of the United Kingdom. And it hinges on Edith’s treason, for her family or for her love. 3. Highlander Bride's Curse: “Yer kingdom wulnae prosper” cursed Witch Jordana. Her curse threatens to destroy the legacy of the McDougal Clan, and the life of Robin, the youngest heir whose already lost 2 wives. A ray of hope appears in year 1000, when a highland lass is prophesized to break the curse and liberate the clan. Robin though is skeptical. Mary Stark, is promised to marry Robin in return for money and land. Mary knows Robin and his unsetting past. Anyone would be better than him, she thinks, but has to make the sacrifice for the prosperity of her family. At dawn they start their journey to the summit of Mount Islay, the home to Witch Jordana. Their relationship evolves from strangers to lovers on this magnificent journey of risk, adventure and fear. In the end, Robin and Mary face their fears on the deadly summit, and find true love . Bonus Stories 1. Seduced by a Billionaire 2. Bear Twins and the Bartender These ain't no Cliff Hangers. These are guaranteed HEA so sit back and enjoy! Warning: This box set has some exciting, steamy romantic scenes. Great for entertainment! but intended for adult audiences only!
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