R. Jean Reid Perdition: A Novel of Suspense (A Nell McGraw Investigation)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Perdition: A Novel of Suspense (A Nell McGraw Investigation)“ von R. Jean Reid

“Part mystery, part thriller, part social commentary, and all impossible to put down.”—Kirkus Reviews What happens when a killer who can’t be caught threatens to kill your children next? A town and a mother are forced to confront their worst fears in this hair-raising suspense novel from the author of Roots of Murder. Newly widowed mother Nell McGraw struggles with her outsider status as she runs the newspaper founded by her husband’s grandfather. But a paper can’t turn away from the stories that others ignore, like the body of a child found in the Gulf. At first it seems tragic, a child lost because of carelessness. Then another child goes missing. Disgusted by the turf war between the sheriff and the police chief, Nell barely manages to keep her journalistic distance . . . until the killer contacts her, telling her that her children could be next. Now Nell must match wits with a psychopath who taunts her, daring her and the police to catch him before he can kill again.
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    Perdition: A Novel of Suspense (A Nell McGraw Investigation)


    27. April 2017 um 08:55

    This was the second installment in the Nell McGraw series, and while I haven't read the first book, I never had the feeling I was missing something.The prologue was unexpectedly shocking and may offend more squeamish readers, but it was very effective to draw my undivided attention - I raced through the first half in one sitting: a true page turner. The characters were well-drawn and a good mixture: some I liked immediately, while others took some time to warm to, and some remained disagreeable to the end. I appreciated how some characters changed during the book, or maybe more precisely how my view of them was changed with the turn of events.Then in the second half the story stalled a bit. Every few pages Nell wondered about the whereabouts of her children, that she had to take them to/from some place and her insecurities about being a good single mother. While that was understandable as a part of her every day routine and as a still struggling to adjust widow, it slowed the story down repeatedly. The ending came as a surprise, but then again not so - or maybe I'm just spoiled from other stories.My one-line conclusion: a page-turner thriller that pulls no punches and leaves me wanting for more.(Thanks to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)

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