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Fairy tales reborn! Inside this enchanting collection you'll find stories that are not-quite familiar. An assassin with a midnight deadline; a shore store owned by Princeton Charming; a sleeping, ever-so-enchanted beast; an enchanted mirror (how do you define "fairest" anyway?). These are stories you've read a hundred times — but never quite like this. Written over a year, Upon a Time is more than just traditional tales. Each story marks a special day: Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter Sunday and more. In the tales in Upon a Time, history mingles with fiction and myth becomes real. Upon a Time — stories of fantasy and romance, mixed with just a hint of magic. "‘Excellent,’ she says cheerfully and brings her wand down with a thwack! Stars leap from its tip, out into the night, reaching over the ramparts and into the castle, earthing in the special glass of the slippers, that promptly... Explode! These are very well designed shoes. Not comfortable, but oh, so beautifully engineered."

Well-crafted but not gripping.

— Lucinda4
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  • Highly imaginative and rather dark

    Upon A Time


    25. January 2017 um 09:29

    A collection of short stories very loosely based on fairy tales. Most stories have one main base tale, with motifs from other tales mixed in. The stories are all set in a modern day world (only one begins in some kind of historic past), and pretty dark, sometimes bordering on horror stories. Stedman incorporates the fairy tale motifs in a highly imaginative way, and the stories develop nicely towards some surprising revelations and twists. Still, I found them mostly fragmented, confusing at times. The stories (with one exception) never really came alive for me. Well-crafted, but not gripping.

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