Business Automation Essentials for the Nontechnical Professional

Business Automation Essentials for the Nontechnical Professional
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Das neue Buch von Rami Loya erscheint am 1. August 2019 mit dem Titel "Business Automation Essentials for the Nontechnical Professional" als Taschenbuch bei Walter de Gruyter.

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Inhaltsangabe zu "Business Automation Essentials for the Nontechnical Professional"

This book is directed at managers of departments or even C level executives who may not be technical who need to understand what significant business process capabilities exist that can help your business unit or organization become more efficient. Today, most businesses have cases where best processes are not used to perform tasks. This is mostly due to the fact that the employees or managers are unaware of solutions to these problems. This book was written to give the non-technical person an understanding of options that can dramatically improve employee productivity and eliminate brute force solutions that tend to be used over and over. The book is divided into two parts. The first part is dedicated to tasks that many employees face that without technical knowledge tend to be done by brute force. Often over and over. The reason for this type of wasteful behavior is examined and suggested solutions are given. Because Excel can be used to ameliorate a wide variety of business process problems, there is a focus on those solutions and an appendix on using Excel capabilities. Similarly, other software tools are examined. Part Two addresses business processes that are more global to the organization and the approach to examine processes by department or by significant areas where repeated tasks must involve IT for a global solution. Rami Loya is a serial entrepreneur and business executive with a successful track record and extensive experience in starting and managing growing businesses. Mr. Loya was the founder and co-founder of several successful businesses that grew from start up to leadership role in their industry. As co-founder and President of LZR Electronics, Inc., a Maryland based electronic design and manufacturing firm, Rami Loya grew the company from 2 to 100 employees and established modern engineering and manufacturing operations in Maryland and China. The company became a leader in the power electronics field in the 1990’s and was acquired by a publicly traded company in 2000. Mr. Loya is the author of the business management book, Incentive Compensation Strategies for the New Millennium, published in 2000. His book introduced innovative human capital management methodologies to help businesses increase productivity, sustain growth and optimize business performance. He holds an Executive MBA and three Engineering Degrees. Dr. Stanley Siegel has more than 40 years of progressive experience as a systems engineer, mathematician, and computer specialist. He started his career with the U.S. Government in the Department of Commerce and then the Department of Defense. After his government service, he was with Grumman for 15 years and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) for over 20 years (before SAIC split into two companies). He helped SAIC grow to a $11 Billion leader in scientific, engineering, and technical solutions with hundreds of millions of dollars in new business. In 1970, he received a nuclear physics doctorate from Rutgers University. Physicists solve problems. While at SAIC, he served as a senior technical advisor and director on a wide spectrum of projects in areas such as software engineering methodology assessment, software requirements analysis, software testing and quality assurance, and technology assessment.


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