Randall S. Smith The Sinclair Affair: The Case of the Missing Diamond


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Sinclair Affair: The Case of the Missing Diamond“ von Randall S. Smith

This tale is included in the anthologies "Willful Women" and "Willful Women II". Both are recommended by The Midwest Book Review. A young orphan woman survives an assassination attempt, discovering that she may have a twin. She ventures off to the big city to find her, having many exciting adventures along the way. The large Sinclair Diamond is missing. Excerpt 1 - “Tell me what you’ve done with the Sinclair!” he demanded. His hands began exploring under her clothes. “Rape!” she attempted to call out as he covered her mouth, muffling her appeal. He probed every crevice of her body, and then pushed up her blouse. A look of astonishment came over his face as he declared, “Oh my God, where’s your tattoo, Rose? You’re not her!” #2 - With an instinct that only an identical twin can have, Alyssa knew without a doubt that this was indeed Rose. She signaled to her that she was being followed. There was an expression of panic, and Rose was gone. Sensing the danger, Alyssa quickly faded into the background as well, with a feeling of security knowing that she had her Glock. #3 - They were interrupted by someone kicking in his front door. It was a big, bald oaf who reminded her of someone named ‘Guido’ that she had once seen in a mob movie. Her backpack was sitting on her lap; she edged her hand in and gripped her Glock, releasing the safety. “You’re coming with me, girlie,” he bellowed. Petite Alyssa sat still on the sofa, looking as sweet, innocent and vulnerable as ever. It was the image that Paulie had come to know her by. She had been itching for a chance to use her special toy, but each time it had come close, the chance had slipped away. This time would be different. #4 - Alyssa decided it was time to introduce her Glock into the game. She eased it from its hidden holster, pointing the weapon at her special friend. “Let’s get something straight, honey. You’re my bitch, I’m not yours!!” Annie’s mouth dropped open as she leaned back on the sofa stunned. There was a pregnant pause as they stared at one another. The clock on the wall could be heard ticking. Alyssa had been riled by being ordered around and needed some form of release. As Annie looked on nervously, Alyssa attached the silencer. Annie needed more convincing, so she fired off a round into her old, over-stuffed sofa, just missing Annie by inches. She pulled the trigger again, this time missing her by inches on the other side. “Now you get down on your knees and crawl over to me, bitch. And leave a trail of clothes behind you as you crawl,” Titles by Randall S. Smith About Sam – action-adventure Awkward Accommodations – mild erotica Back to World War II – historical sci-fi Blake Industries – corporate intrigue Colorado Cabin – mild erotica Chloe's Choice - romance Guardians - sci-fi Just Rewards - action-adventure Lethal Liaisons – action-adventure Lost in Space-Time - sci-fi Micky Mallet, P.I. - mystery Pirate Queen of the Caribbean – action-adventure Polar Opposites - action-adventure Renée 's Revenge - action-adventure Rising up - action-adventure Six-Gun Saloon Girls - satire Tasting Testing – mild erotica That Old House on Delaney Street – sexual thriller The Sinclair Affair - action-adventure Trouble in Toyland – adult fantasy Willful Women (anthology) Willful Women II (anthology) If you enjoy this story, kindly take a moment to leave a favorable rating on amazon.com. Tell a friend, too. Thank you. www.willfulwomen.info
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