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The Scottish Lord's Secret Bride

The Scottish Lord's Secret Bride

Erschienen am 25.07.2016

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Wonderful love story but inconsistencies in the plot
IraWiravor 3 Jahren

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I was never tempted to put
it away because it is really well written and the characters were also
complex and interesting especially - or rather - at least the heroine
and the hero. So this should have been at least for stars instead of
three, right? Right.

I must admit that I changed my mind about that again and again and...
well, you get the point. In the end I decided that I loved this book and
will definitely read it again but there were some inconsistencies in
the plot that really bothered me and that finally tipped the balance.
I will try to phrase it in a way that I don't spoil anything for other readers, of course.
the one hand, we have two people who are very obviously in love. You
can feel it, you read about it and you feel that they belong together.
Soooo.....no problem there? Well, actually there is a problem concerning
their marriage. Yes, their marriage is a problem for those two people
in love, you got that right!
Apart from this marriage problem which
might have been handled differently, those two are subjected to a fair
amount of meddling and matchmaking attempts from their families, which
is not only confusing for them but also for the reader especially as
their families' feelings and actions seem to contradict each other every
other minute.
Due to that, you never get close to the other
characters, so it is just the hero and the heroine that are more
developed and appear authentic whereas the other characters remain a bit
For good measure there is also some mystic element represented by some feelings or intuitions and, of course, the gypsies.
Okay, rereading all that, I must admit that it sounds rather bad but as a matter of fact it isn't. Not at all.
really loved reading about Morven and Fraser and I loved how open they
were with their feelings for each other despite everything that had
happened and that had torn them apart - and I wouldn't have minded to
send their families to the northpole or wherever far away because they
got a bit on my nerves with their contradictory actions. The story about
the lovers is sweet and the hero and the heroine are both very lovable
and loving characters and -which was really refreshing- despite their
past, they are not given to misunderstandings and false accusations.
the whole I really liked the book and will definitely read it again but
the flaws in the plot are still rather ovious.

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