Raymond Carver Elephant And Other Stories


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Elephant And Other Stories“ von Raymond Carver

These seven stories were the last that Carver wrote. Among them is "Errand" in which he imagines the death of Chekhov, a writer Carver hugely admired and to whose work his own was often compared.
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    Elephant And Other Stories


    08. May 2011 um 12:01

    In this small book you will find seven melancholical short stories by Raymond Carver. The main topic is the fragile relationship between women and men. There are not many authors who can write such good short stories as Raymond Carver (1938- 1988). Before he became a writer, he worked in a saw-mill, as a delivery man, and other jobs. He enrolled on different colleges and published short stories in several magazines. His success as a writer came when he was in his late thirties. His book „Would you please be quiet“ earned him enough reputation and money, so he could live just by his writting. He met the artist Tess Gallagher, who became his second wife. At the age of forty-nine he was diagonesed with cancer and died shortly after his marriage. Raymond Carver will be remembered for his short stories and the poetry. In 1993 Robert Altman made a movie called „Short cuts“. It was build upon several stories from Raymond Carver. In „Elephant and other stories“ you will find seven fine stories who deal mostly with the fragile relationship between women and men. The protagonists are divorced and have problems to keep their current relationship alive and flourish. „We were so intimate once upon a time...“ The stories are melancholical, and will keep you reading, until the very end. Carve takes you into the lives of ordinary people in America. „I wish i could...wake up and find everything in my life different.“ The best story in this book might be „Elephant.“ It is about a man who lives alone after his divore – of course -. He has a job but has to spend almost all of his money to his family members, who have problems in their lives. Soon the man hasn' t enough money for his own living, and has to cut down his food or new shoes. He remembers a time when his father used to put him on his shoulders. The father was the elephant who was carrying the son around. The son first held onto his fathers hairs, because he was afraid to fall down. So his father says, he has to let go.

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