The Last Templar

von Raymond Khoury 
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The Last Templar
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To the opening of the exhibition >Die largest ones of treasures of the Vatikans< also four uncharged guests appear: four like temple knights dressed riders. They transform the meeting into a blood bath and steal - a small wood small box. As soon contained the small box coding equipment turns out from the time of the temple knights. The young archaeologist Tess and the FBI agent Reilly attach themselves the knights on the heels over the wire-puller of the notice on the trace to come and finally pursue this around the half world. Temple knight? I mean, I have there already times which read... Oh correctly: Sakrileg of Dan Brown. The topic is not obviously broken wars. Is this novel now only a Aufguss of Sakrileg? Can Scriptum keep up? Clear answer: in each case no. Is Scriptum therefore a bad novel? In no case! Raymond Khoury told from first to the last side stretching and variedly and does not afford weaknesses. The story is mostly conclusively and only now and then works parts of the action designed. The figures of the novel are sufficiently developed, in order to let their actions appear plausible and to make their points of view comprehensibly, but nevertheless not so deeply represented, they would divert from the actual topic. Apropos topic. What is the main topic of the novel actually? The central issues, which Khoury in Scriptum takes up reads: What happens, if the Bible turns out as lie? What happens with the world, if the Konstrukt of the Christian churches dissolves, because it the foundation will enzogen? So far, so stretching. Why however can't Scriptum keep up with Sakrileg? I assume, am in the reason only because of the fact that it has the first novel of Raymond Khoury actual Dan Brown simply more exercise. Nevertheless Mr. Brown should dress already times warmly - Mr. Khoury is close him on the heels.


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Verlag:Penguin Group USA
Das aktuelle Hörbuch ist am 30.11.2006 bei Penguin Group USA erschienen.

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