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I've read Renee Ahdiehs TWATD duology a few months ago and I loved it, of course I was excited to hear that she'd be not only releasing a new book but also kicking of a new series with it.
When the FairyLoot Theme for the month of may was released and I read about the book I instantly new what it was and I was so excited! I started reading only a few days after I got the book.

Ahdiehs writing style is, as I've already known from her other books, simply amazing. The world she describes is beautiful, although there is no need for worldbuilding as this story is set in feudal Asia, the characters catch, and hold ones attention and the story is incredibly interesting.

As with her first book this one is a retelling, although I would use the term very loosely in this. 
While I'm no uber-fan of Mulan I do like the story and have seen the film multiple times as a child. Still the story Ahdieh paints is unique and not just a new version of the old tale. 
I really enjoyed watching Mariko on her quest to vengeance and more importantly the truth. 

Marino herself is a very interesting character and I loved the mixture of the pampered girl who doesn't know how to hold a sword and the young women determined to do everything and anything to reach her goals.

The budding romance is very well written and while it was quite clear from the beginning that something would be happening it wasn't rushed and the relationship was allowed to develope naturally.

The plot took some twists and turns and the revelation at the end makes me even more excited to the sequel!

Autor: Renée Ahdieh
Buch: Flame in the Mist
Neuer Beitrag

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