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Even as little girls, Sarah and Emily are very different from each other. Emily looks up to her wiser and more stable older sister and is jealous of her relationship with their absent father, and later her seemingly golden marriage. This novel follows the two sisters from their childhood in the 1920s through the challenges of their adult choices. (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/03.04.2008')

Beautiful prose, a sad yet powerful account of two women struggling to overcome their past

— ichundelaine
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  • Sad, yet powerful and beautifully written

    The Easter Parade


    28. February 2016 um 09:26

    Sarah and Emily Grimes grow up as children of divorced parents in the 1920's primarily on the Eats Coast. A loving, yet deeply unhappy father and a mother with a free spirit and an alcohol problem are the pillars of their existence. Both try to overcome their past, yet in different ways. Whereas sweet and gentle Sarah settles into an unhappy marriage, crowned with three boys, Emily embarks a completely different route, gains an education, a professional job and one disappointing affair after the other. Both women somehow try to undo the past and build a different future, Sarah by choosing stability, Emily by choosing complete freedom. Yates gives an almost sober account of their lives, following them over four decades, with Emily being the main protagonist. It is thus the reader never really gets a grip of he characters, which is however strangely enough not really important or annoying. The books reads itself like a gentle spring morning due to the naked prose not pimped by unnecessary words or descriptions. I especially found the part about Emily very innovative for a novel that came out in 1976, depicting the struggle of women between traditional and new role models and showing that neither nor could be an answer.  Yet another beautifully written novel by Richard Yates and with short of 250 pages an amazing quick read. 

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