Roald Dahl Matilda (Dahl Fiction) by Roald Dahl (2016-02-11)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Matilda (Dahl Fiction) by Roald Dahl (2016-02-11)“ von Roald Dahl

A lovely Story about a brilliant little girl. Really worth reading :)

— Bosni
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  • A lovely Story about a brilliant little girl

    Matilda (Dahl Fiction) by Roald Dahl (2016-02-11)


    23. October 2016 um 17:50

    3-years old Matilda goes to the library to read books, her parents will not buy her. They never understand, how brilliant her daughter ist. When Matilda come to school her class teacher Miss Honey sees the talents of the girl and wants to support her. But the headmistress Mrs. Trunchbull, who is a former hammer- throwing champion and does not like kids at all, only sees a annoying little child in Matilda.Later Matilda do not want to let the headmistress working any longer and has a great plan, what to do...Roald Dahl is probably better known for the films of his books, than for the books itself. I cannot understand, why (in Germany) the books are not really well known, because they are fabulous!"Matilda" by him was also filmed and I have seen the film befor reading, but I really like the book much more than the film.A point I always love at Roald Dahls books are the characters. I do not know, how he can draw such "deep" characters on a low number of pages, but he can. Especially Matilda is really good described with all her talents. You just have to love her! Moreover the other characters are really detailed described. Besides the characters I really like the drawings on the pages. They support the text if you maybe did not understand everything. I think, for children, many pictures on the pages makes the book "shorter" than it really is, because there are no extremly long passages in the book.As already known from the other Roald Dahl books, I have read, the last round 20 pages are filled with some stuff around the book and Roald Dahl himself, like a table of his life, or some fun facts about Matilda.All in all I can completly recommend "Matilda" for everyone. It is easy to read, although it is in English. Excuse me, that the rewiev is so short, but as you could read my English is not very well, so I have just written the most important facts....

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