Robbert Damen The Adventures Of Captain Ecki


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Adventures Of Captain Ecki“ von Robbert Damen

The adventures of Captain Ecki – the fantastic journey – part one We go back to the 20th century. Airship captain Ecki is not only regarded as one of the worlds best zeppeline pilots, but he is also involved in inventing and developing those airships further. He is invited by the highest councel of the German aeronautical guild to a very special mission: via airship flight the world should be circumnavigated and who would be more suitable for this than the experienced and adventurous Captain Ecki? Due to his preference for tropical countries he choses his travel route along the tropical region and visits Kenya, Langkawi, French-Indochina, Bali, Borneo and Jamaica. Ecki gets to know a lot about the flora and fauna in each area and has fascinating encounters with the locals. A special relevance for his further travels lies within the meeting of the wise old man at Sri Lanka and the monkey he meets at Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. But Ecki also has to face difficulties as not everyone begrudges him his eminence at the guild. Thus, scoundrels try to sabotage him. Hence, the creative captain is not only dependent on his ingenuity but also on the assistance of the people he gets to know on his journey. Only with their help he can turn his mission into a success. General Information This comic describes the history of the holiday resort Tropical Islands, which is located close to Berlin in Germany, in a humorous and child-oriented kind of way. The young and old readers are taken onto the adventurous journey of Captain Ecki and learn something about the areas and countries in the tropical region as well as about hospitality and solidarity that goes beyond geographical borders. The comic comprises 52 pages. It was developed in cooperation with the design and composition company Jora Vision Europe B.V. and is published by Titus publishing company in German and English.

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