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  • "Archie meets Nero Wolfe" by Robert Goldsborough

    Archie Meets Nero Wolfe


    23. October 2013 um 12:07

    In „Archie Goodwin meets Nero Wolfe“ written by Robert Goldsborough the to-be „Partners in Crime“ meet and work together for the very first time. Archie Goodwin, 19 (NINETEEN!!!! :D years old and fresh from Ohio meets Nero Wolfe, orchid lover, gourmet and New Yorks best and most famous private investigator. An occasion to behold! Spoiler! Spoiler! A little. Maybe. The abduction of an 8 year old boy brings Archie and with him some well known (and loved) characters of other books (Saul, Fred, Orrie) to the old Brownstone as eyes and ears for Nero Wolfe, who seldom leaves his house at all and almost never for a job. The boys wealthy father hired him to bring back his child unharmed and to leave the cops out of it. When somebody ends dead in the Bronx and shots are fired while delivering the ransom for the boy, Inspector Cramer (charming as ever) from the NYPD get’s involved ….. Can young Archie proof his worth to the famous and eccentric Nero Wolfe? Well, the outcome is not exactly a secret, but the why and how is expertly written by Robert Goldsborough. I really liked that a lot of the characters I knew from other (later) Nero Wolfe books made an appearance in this one and though much younger, I always recognized them as the persons they will become in later stories.

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