Robert Thorogood A Meditation on Murder


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  • Let's go to Saint Marie!

    A Meditation on Murder


    11. May 2016 um 08:56

    Aslan Kennedy, owner of a fancy hotel and spa, is stabbed to death while performing a sunshine healing session in a Japanese Teahouse style meditation hut. Only five people were with him in the closed off hut and one of them, Julia, readily confesses to have done the deed. But did she really do it? If so, why can’t she remember the reason, why she murdered a man she obviously admired? Why can’t she explain how she got the murder weapon - a big ass carving knife - in an empty room without anyone noticing? And how is it possible that none of the other four realized there was a murder happening right in front of them, until Julia started to scream – well – bloody murder after Aslan lay dead at her feet? A lot of questions and no (useful) answers whatsoever. At first, nothing seems to make sense in this case and Detective Inspector Richard Poole and his team can’t make head or tail of it. But Richard wouldn’t be Richard if he wouldn’t start asking the right questions eventually and little by little they get the bigger picture. Suddenly, just about everybody seems to have a perfectly good reason to help Aslan along on the way to the spiritual afterlife. I was sceptic at first, if the mood of the (brilliant) series could be transported into a book, but I have to say, it worked out pretty damned well! I really enjoyed this read immensely because I love the series and Robert Thorogood is obviously not only a good screenwriter but a pretty good novelist as well. The atmosphere, the humor, the spot on characters, everything’s there. It’s like being there, on Saint Marie, feeling the damp heat when Richard suffers in his woolen suit or rolling your eyes on Camilles behalf when her Boss is his usual annoying self :) If you like the series, go and get this book, you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t know the series, read the book and if you like it, go and get the DVD’s :D

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