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Inhaltsangabe zu „Dirty Mind“ von Roe Horvat

Alexander Popescu is a university lecturer in a quiet German town. He’s a respectable man in his thirties who stays fit, has a decent career and travels alone—his only vice is an occasional greasy meal. And beer. And violent computer games. Nobody has to know about the other Alex—the acclaimed porn writer. His ingenious erotic fantasies earn him good money and keep his capricious mind harmlessly entertained.

When his young friend and protégé Christian transfers to Freiburg for medical school, Alex is overjoyed…and terrified that Christian will find out about Alex’s indecent alter ego. The time they spend together, as lovely as it is, could overturn Alex’s carefully balanced life. Suddenly, the writing is not good enough, his hair seems to be thinning, his careful hookups leave him unfulfilled, and his dreams are haunted by the innocent young man he’s vowed to protect.

However, Christian is not a boy anymore. He’s a grown man of twenty-one, clever and deadly attractive. And he’s hiding some secrets of his own.

Negative, maudlin, unhappy book about a teacher and porn writer in a very early midlife crises over his 21 year old friend.

— Sakuko
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  • Too negative and unhappy for a romance

    Dirty Mind


    20. December 2017 um 10:33

    33 year old Alex is a writing teacher and secretly a porn writer. He's friends with the 21 year old student Chris, who moves to Freiburg to study medicine. He falls in love with the young man, but midlife crisis strikes and all Alex can think about is his receding hair, his stupid writing and how he can't imagine to spoil the innocent Chris.This book annoyed me to no end. I expected something kinda funny, tongue in cheek but it was all just maudlin, unhappy stuff. Even the happy part where written more melancholic, thoughtful instead of exuberant. I just wanted to slap Alex half the time and ignore him the other half. He's 33,and he acts like a 50 year old slobbering after a 17 year old. I'm older than him, and I hung out with students, it's not a big deal. But he just couldn't stop making it one, it was exasperating. And since it's all Alex's perspective we get a lot of flowery descriptions of his longing, loneliness, negativity and weird surrealistic dream sequences.But Chris hardly fared better, in my opinion. He's also pretty down most of the time, or maybe that's just the Alex googles speaking. And he also doesn't manage to open his mouth and have a decent talk about anything. I found both of them frustrating, especially together.I liked the secondary cast more actually. Dieter was fun and even depressed Mattias was more sensible than the MCs.Also, I'm German, and I was annoyed that they managed to misspell a few of the German words. It's not that hard to check, it wasn't even full sentences.

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