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Inhaltsangabe zu „Bright Smoke, Cold Fire“ von Rosamund Hodge

Kurzzeitig hat die Genialität aufgeblitzt. Dann versank sie wieder in der endlosen Monotonie der Geschichte.

— Nicks
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  • Romeo, oh Romeo

    Bright Smoke, Cold Fire


    13. November 2016 um 17:54

    A Rosamunde Hodge book is bound to be dark, compelling and enticingly written. Her worlds pull you in, exactly because they are so different and upside down. Imagination, darkness of the utter and complete kind and characters in whom said darkness already festered, no matter the goodness of heart is what makes her unique. Bright Smoke, Cold Fire was, first and foremost - and I wouldn´t have bet money on ever thinking that: underwhelming. So obviously not-impressing, I didn´t care about one single thing. Not even Hodge´s writing could save it. I didn´t care about the plot, the world, any of the characters or the apparently huge depth of the story. Rather they annoyed me. The plot wouldn´t get compelling enough to really make me invest more than shallow thoughts. Actually, it would be easier to list the things I did like. PARIS. VAI. She´s the silver lining, simply because she manages to find some humor in an otherwise dull story and grey city. At least she has the decency to speak her mind and ignore rules installed by those who think themselves above judgement and honesty. Paris and Romeo´s FRIENDSHIP. Between Paris´ kindness and Romeo´s helplessly romantic heart the growing bond of their friendship feels natural and logical. Overall, though, it couldn´t hold my interest. I wouldn´t engage enough to really get Runajo´s hatred and cold heart, to find even an ounce of sympathy for Juliet or any warm feelings about the so called romance. In fact, I was stringing together the words I read without connecting them to the story or even thinking about what they would mean for it. And what about the zombies?? What the heck were they doing in this book?? Honestly it was one huge disappoinment. 

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