Roseanna M. White Lady Unrivaled (Ladies of the Manor)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Lady Unrivaled (Ladies of the Manor)“ von Roseanna M. White

White Is Quickly Becoming the Top Name in Edwardian Romance Lady Ella Myerston can always find a....
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  • Sweet and suspenseful

    Lady Unrivaled (Ladies of the Manor)


    06. October 2016 um 21:24

    Wow, this book was amazing! Ella and Cayton are wonderful characters that made me fall in love with them almost right from the start. I was captivated from the first page on and even though I didn't know the other books in the series, I had no problems at all to get into the story (only to find afterwards that somehow the other books found their way onto my wishlist because, well, I just have to read them!).The story itself was fast-paced and intriguing, full of suspense and adventure, I really loved all the twists and turns and I couldn't wait to find out how things end! It was a complex and well plotted story that really kept me glued to my reader. Readers who were lucky enough to read the first books in the series will be delighted to hear that you'll have the chance to meet again all those characters that you've met in the other books and find out how their stories go on. And of course you'll find out more about the Fire Eyes and the secrets and the danger around them...This is also an inspirational book but the tone of the book is never preaching or overly moral which makes it a very delightful and enjoyable read. I must admit that I'm always a bit wary of inspirational books because some of them tend to overdoing things and setting a tone that is far too much like wagging a finger at all those who don't share this kind of strong belief or the story suffers from it. This is definitely not the case with this book. I really enjoyed reading it and I know that this wasn't the last book by this author either!

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