Rosette Bolter Engaged To The Vampire Twins: Part One


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Engaged To The Vampire Twins: Part One“ von Rosette Bolter

One year after the death of her brother, Dara Mills receives a night time package delivered to her apartment. Whether it be coincidence or otherwise, someone is stalking her, someone who wants her badly. After Dara's secret admirer turns out to be wealthy businessman Brandon Drake, her anxieties are temporarily put on ease. She wants to give Mr. Drake a chance to impress her, to seduce her into his dark world of sinister desires and lust. But the truth of it is, Mr. Drake isn't telling Dara the truth about why he went after her in the first place. As the night wears on, and Dara gazes beneath the mask he wears in public, she realizes he hasn't been telling her the truth about anything...

Ehrlich ganz netter Plot, aber bei der schlechten Umsetzung auch noch ein Cliffhanger? No go

— yullana
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